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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 4 Recap

Zheng Yingjun was sent to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed him with a heart attack in a hurry and needed immediate surgery. Zheng Daqian attributed his father’s illness to himself. Mu Zili comforted her, but Zheng Daqian was worried that his father would die because of it. Thinking of what happened in the parallel world, my father also died of a heart attack and was not rescued. It was she and Mu Zili who said goodbye to his father’s body. Fortunately, the operation was very successful, Zheng Yingjun did not die, and Zheng Daqian was so comfortable Take a breath.

Zheng Daqian had a dream. After his father finished singing on the stage, he walked away without looking back. After being frightened, Zheng Daqian made an important decision. She wanted to stay in this time and space. Enjoy the warmth and happiness that the family brings her. Zheng Yingjun was accompanied by his wife and daughter, and Mu Zili came to visit from time to time. His health recovered quickly. His roommate mistakenly regarded Mu Zili as Zheng Yingjun’s son-in-law. Zheng Yingjun did not explain it. Zheng Daqian naturally She understands her father’s thoughts, but she doesn’t know if the current Mu Zili is like the Mu Zili in that time and space.

Mu Guoliang planned to let Zheng Yingjun come to his house to recuperate, so that Mu Zili would have to squeeze into the same room with his younger brother, Mu Zili was very reluctant, and finally Mu Mu resorted to a trick, saying that he was going to live in the attic warehouse , Mu Zixi agreed to live in the same room with his brother.

However, he made a three-chapter agreement with his brother, and he also designated the ground as a prison, so that he could only live in a space the size of a bed, and Mu Zili had to agree. Looking back, Mu Zili began to tell Zheng Daqian not to mess with his things. Zheng Daqian looked at Mu Zili’s photo album, which contained many pictures of himself. Mu Zili asked her why she didn’t wear glasses. Zheng Daqian was afraid that he would see any flaws. , had to say that he was wearing contact lenses.

Yan Junze returned to work in Baihe. He gave up the favorable conditions in Beijing. Naturally, his mother was not very happy, but he had his own ideas. One was to take good care of his mother, and the second was to get back to Zheng Daqian. Confession, but at that time his family was in a predicament, and he did not want Zheng Daqian to be implicated, so he did not agree.

Now everything has changed, and he decided to go back to Zheng Daqian. After Zheng Daqian saw the tram in the photo, he proposed to take the tram. In high school, she and Mu Zili always took the tram to and from school. Zheng Daqian explained math problems to her, but Zheng Daqian seemed to be listening to a book from heaven. He also said that the college entrance examination In the future, the two would never intersect like parallel lines. Mu Zili wanted to say what he liked about her, but was interrupted by his classmates.

The two went to eat at a roadside stall and happened to meet Yan Junze. They heard that Yan Junze’s house was going to be painted. Mu Zili hurriedly made an excuse to leave. Zheng Daqian came to help alone. The two chatted while working. Regarding the family money, Yan Junze told her that it was the Yan family who owed the Zheng family money. Back then, his father engaged in illegal fund-raising and took away a lot of money from relatives and friends. He and his mother repaid some every year, and finally paid all the debts. paid off.

Yan Junze talked about what Zheng Daqian confessed to herself back then, and said that this time she wanted to marry Zheng Daqian. This news made Zheng Daqian unacceptable for a while. She said that she had to calm down and left the Zheng family in a hurry. After returning to his home, Zheng Daqian pulled out some belongings of Zheng Daqian in this parallel time and space. There was a notebook in it, which recorded what Zheng Daqian had confessed to Yan Junze. Zheng Daqian then realized that what Zheng Daqian liked in this time and space. It was Yan Junze, not Mu Zili.

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