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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 3 Recap

After explaining the previous misunderstanding at the police station, the group returned to Mu’s house. Zheng Yingjun comforted his wife and went upstairs to find Zheng Daqian, saying that he would take her out to get some air. The father and daughter came to the mahjong hall, ready to kill the Quartet. In the end, he was beaten to death by an uncle and an aunt.

In desperation, Zheng Yingjun had to take his daughter to a small store to eat instant noodles. The two recalled their previous life. Zheng Yingjun persuaded his daughter to view the winning and losing of life correctly, he told Daughter, others say that he can do anything, but he can’t say his own daughter, and because of this, he had a fight with his good brother. Zheng Da was very moved after hearing it.

Back at Mu’s house, Gong Xiaoqin made cold noodles and ribs for her daughter. She knew that this was Zheng Daqian’s favorite. She also took the initiative to apologize to her daughter and asked Zheng Daqian to express her grievances. It has changed, and she has been talking nonsense. Zheng Daqian said that she is fine and has nothing to do with her lovelorn. She also said that she once swore that she would never eat pork ribs again. She recalled the scene when her parents divorced, but she lived in her own life. that time.

Early the next morning, looking at Mu Zili with a weird smile, Zheng Daqian felt that there was something wrong with her, but only after looking in the mirror did she realize that a big “king” had been painted on her forehead, she was about to wipe it off, Gong Xiaoqin hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, saying it was a ferocious tiger shaking the evil, and then she called the great god she invited to see Zheng Daqian to see a doctor.

Then, the great god took out the unknown powder wrapped in talisman paper and mixed it with water and forced her to take it. Zheng Daqian refused to drink it, but several people were helping her to drink it. Zheng Daqian had an idea and shouted that he was awake. Well, everyone just stopped moving.

Zheng Daqian wrote a letter of guarantee, saying that he was awake and asked Gong Xiaoqin to return his ID card, but she was naturally unwilling to return it because she was worried that her daughter would run away. Zheng Daqian could only find a way by himself. Back in the house, Zheng Daqian was thinking about the way to return to a parallel time and space. Since it is not a station, it can only be that train is the entrance. She checked the number of trains and found that the train will be out of service tomorrow, so she must leave today. .

Under the temptation of his mother’s money, Mu Zili took Zheng Daqian out to play. Zheng Daqian was trying to escape again. She stole Mu Zili’s car keys under the guise of boating, but he found out this time. , In the end, Zheng Daqian was escorted back to Mu’s house by Mu Zili. Zheng Yingjun was making ribs for his daughter. Zheng Daqian said that he didn’t want to eat pork ribs, and said that he wanted to eat barbecue.

Zheng Yingjun fulfilled her wish. The father and daughter came to the barbecue shop to feast on them. Zheng Daqian wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, so he proposed Dad had a drink, but ended up drinking and chatting. Both of them were a little sentimental. Zheng Daqian suggested that he had to leave tonight, otherwise he would miss the opportunity. Zheng Yingjun didn’t know what the opportunity was that his daughter was talking about, but He agreed to send his daughter away.

Zheng Yingjun ran sweating profusely and brought his daughter a ticket and some food on the road. Zheng Daqian looked at his father reluctantly and turned to board the long-distance bus. Just when she was still sad about this trip, Gong Xiaoqin stopped the car and went straight to pull his daughter out of the car. It turned out that Zheng Daqian was deliberately delaying the time, just to ask Gong Xiaoqin to stop him. Zheng Daqian struggled and refused to get out of the car. At this time, they found that Zheng Yingjun had fainted on the platform. , the mother and daughter hurried over to check the situation.

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