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Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 Episode 1 Recap

Today is Zheng Daqian’s (Qiao Xin’s) 29th birthday. When she woke up from her sleep, she couldn’t help but complain about herself. Although her name is homophonic with “make a lot of money”, she hasn’t made a lot of money until now. There is only a job where you are fighting for your life, a single apartment for long-term rent, and an ex-boyfriend who broke up and swept away the shampoo. It cannot be said that life is a failure, but it is true that the first twenty-nine years were relatively disappointing.

Zheng Daqian hurriedly finished washing up and then took an online car-hailing car to the client’s newly renovated house. She is currently working as a designer in a decoration company and is also responsible for connecting with clients. Her colleague is her ex-boyfriend Guan Zhe. The handsome Guan Zhe is actually a typical scumbag. He likes to take advantage of small things and often cut corners on the materials used by customers.

Zheng Daqian, based on the principle of considering both public and private, did not give Guan Zhe any face, and the two happened again. After the quarrel, Zheng Daqian reported Guan Zhe’s behavior to the manager. What Zheng Daqian did not expect was that the female manager not only did not accuse Guan Zhe, but also transferred Zheng Daqian to another department because the client reported that she brought personal trivial matters and emotions to work, which made the conscientious Zheng Daqian very excited.

Some lost Zheng Daqian planned to go home after get off work. Unexpectedly, his best friend, Lao Yan, was waiting at the door of the company. He came all the way to celebrate Zheng Daqian’s birthday. This gave the lonely Zheng Daqian a shot of cardiotonic. Her classmate Mi Lan, Zheng Daqian didn’t like Mi Lan who was showing off her wealth very much, but Mi Lan did have the capital to show off her wealth. She not only drove a convertible coupe, but also took them to a Japanese restaurant opened by a friend. Consumption. Coincidentally, Guan Zhe and the female manager also ate in this restaurant, and the person who cheated on Guan Zhe was the female manager.

Zheng Daqian was a little unhappy when he heard that Mu Zili was also coming. Although the two grew up together, Mu Zili always appeared in front of her in a preaching way, and even blamed her when her father died. Zheng Daqian was angry. Deleted his WeChat, and said that he will not even make friends in the future. After Mu Zili arrived, he gave him a birthday present. It turned out to be an anti-wolf flashlight and a spray. Then he mentioned about Guan Zhe. Zheng Daqian didn’t like to hear it.

Zhe’s recent situation, why she didn’t show up for her birthday, Zheng Daqian said angrily that Guan Zhe treated her well and proposed to her, at this time, the female manager in the house quit, and loudly accused Guan Zhe of deceiving himself, Guan Zhe He opened the door and asked Zheng Daqian what his heart was. Only then did Zheng Daqian know that he had hooked up with the female manager at the beginning. Mu Zili put the cake on Guan Zhe’s head, which was considered to be annoyed at Zheng Daqian, but Zheng Daqian was still feeling more. Lost and feel like a complete failure.

Mu Zili caught up with Zheng Daqian, who was relaxing at the beach, and took out a small cake to celebrate her birthday. He also expressed his feelings for Zheng Daqian very sincerely and was willing to protect her with his whole life. Zheng Daqian was very moved and kissed Mu Zili directly. Zi Li, just like this, the two have more intimate contact. When they woke up the next morning, they were both a little embarrassed. Mu Zili moved the company from Beijing to Ningzhou, and also appointed Zheng Daqian to decorate his new home. It is easy to turn a friend into a lover, but it is difficult to change from a lover to a friend.

Zheng Daqian didn’t know whether to agree to Mu Zili or not. She returned to her apartment and was still thinking about this problem. At this time, she received a call from her hometown, Baihe. The old house where she and her father lived was demolished. The fee was given two million yuan. The good news came too timely. Zheng Daqian packed up and got on the train back to Baihe. Halfway through the way, Mu Zili called and learned that Zheng Daqian had returned to Baihe, and he was going to return to Baihe.

He said There is something important to say to Zheng Daqian. Zheng Da got off the train in the middle of the night, and before she walked out of the station, she found that the nearby lights went out one by one, and bolides flashed side by side in the sky. She hurriedly took a picture with her mobile phone, and just as she turned around, someone hurried past. Bumping her mobile phone off the platform, Zheng Daqian just wanted to blame the other party, but found that the person looked exactly like him, and the two of them looked at each other like this, both in a daze.

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