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Almost Lover 谁都知道我爱 Episode 4 Recap

Finally, the monsoon was named on the list of “Black Pine Needles”. He Xiaoran, the hero of the monsoon team building, is also on the invited list. They were about to leave, and the two of them stopped trying, they both let go of their disguise and defense, showing some sincerity. However, on the way to the team building, Sui Mingwei suddenly appeared and brought the news that Xiao Shangqi was planning to sell the monsoon, causing public anger, and everyone left the venue one after another.

The excitement suddenly dissipated, and Xiao Shangqi sat alone in the empty restaurant until He Xiaoran, who had turned back, came back. Xiao Shangqi looked at He Xiaoran and suddenly realized that in the past many years, she was the last person by his side. Xiao Shangqi finally understands why these days, his heart has been turned upside down. That former “good friend” has long occupied countless most important moments in his life. This article, He Xiaoran may have really turned it over, but he couldn’t turn it over.

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