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Almost Lover 谁都知道我爱 Episode 3 Recap

After refurbishment, Monsoon Hotel has a new look. He Xiaoran brought a colleague to check in. Hearing that the room was upgraded to a suite, he thought it was because Xiao Shangqi did it on purpose. Later, after listening to the explanation from the front desk, he found out that it was because the standard rooms in the hotel were not enough. Upgrade to a suite.

Li Hui, who stayed with He Xiaoran, knew Tang Yan at the age of eighteen, and he confessed to Tang Yan after the first meeting. Since then, he has followed Tang Yan, who loves to talk about guitar, for nothing. In the evening, He Xiaoran was going to take a taxi back to the rental house to get things, but because there were too many guests in the hotel and couldn’t get a taxi, Xiao Shangqi proposed to help her. But after seeing the environment and daily conditions of He Xiaoran’s house, Xiao Shangqi couldn’t help feeling distressed and planned to help her in his own way.

The Wu Su Radio and Television Investment Promotion Conference officially started. He Xiaoran was promoting their program “Everyone Helps Everyone” on the stage, but the thick fog that suddenly appeared on the stage made it impossible for her to continue. Also because of this accident, Director Zhou was very angry, mistaking it for Lao He to deliberately attract attention.

The advertising and investment promotion was completely messed up, and He Xiaoran also lost his way home. He happened to see his roommate Liu Hang beat his girlfriend violently. He Xiaoran shot someone unfairly for this, and was finally brought to the police station. Liu Hang’s girlfriend denied that Liu Hang beat someone, and He Xiaoran took out the surveillance certificate from the door of the house. At this time, Xiao Shangqi brought a lawyer to help He Xiaoran, but she refused, so she chose to agree to settle the matter privately.

Xiao Shangqi persuaded He Xiaoran to go back to the hotel for a temporary stay, and also said that he took the initiative to disturb the Huang Merchants Association because he couldn’t stand her work. He Xiaoran said that he did not pass the re-examination of Shanghai Pu TV Station, but not because Xiao Shangqi did not come to participate in his re-examination, but because of the confession video that was misplayed at the graduation party, thinking that Xiao Shangqi would leave without saying goodbye. And she was so ashamed that she ran to Wu Sulai.

Sui Mingwei came to him because Xiao Shangqi had messed up the China Merchants Association, and warned him not to bully He Xiaoran again, otherwise he would have trouble getting along with him. Xiao Shangqi originally wanted to arrange for He Xiaoran to stay at the Monsoon Hotel, but He Xiaoran did not appreciate it. Colleague Li Hui learned that He Xiaoran had nowhere to go for the time being and invited her to stay with him.

In order to make up for the trouble He Xiaoran caused at the investment promotion meeting, Xiao Shangqi plans to invest in the “Everyone Helps Everyone” radio column. He Xiaoran learned about this and thought that Xiao Shangqi was sorry because he liked him for eight years, so he invested in the show to make up for himself. Xiao Shangqi explained that he was looking for the “Everyone Helps Everyone” column because Monsoon Hotel wanted to invest in advertising to test the waters, and that he came to Wusu on a business trip to make the hotel rated as the best place to live in the black pine needles. In order to let Xiao Shangqi complete the task as soon as possible and leave Wu Su, He Xiaoran is ready to take over the sponsorship.

Xiao Shangqi came to find He Xiaoran and wanted to know what was interrupted by the water mist at the investment promotion meeting. He Xiaoran said that their program was to spread the belief that they persisted. Afterwards, Xiao Shangqi solemnly apologized to He Xiaoran, saying that he left the venue at the graduation party because of an emergency. He Xiaoran asked Xiao Shangqi not to feel sorry for not falling in love with her. She secretly fell in love with Xiao Shangqi was a happy thing.

In order for Monsoon Hotel to be successfully selected on the black pine needles list, Xiao Shangqi vigorously rectified the hotel’s various businesses, and specially invited the chef of the noodle restaurant who visited the restaurant. He Xiaoran has tasted the taste at home, please come to He Xiaoran to cook this dish in person. Sure enough, Xiao Shangqi liked He Xiaoran’s sweet and sour steak, but He Xiaoran also said that the dishes were half taste and half story, just reminded him of the past when he tasted it. Xiao Shangqi proposed in-depth cooperation with He Xiaoran, which surprised He Xiaoran very much.

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