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Almost Lover 谁都知道我爱 Episode 2 Recap

Because of the mysterious call, He Xiaoran’s show has become a hot search. Lao He hopes that He Xiaoran can invite the mysterious person, and maybe the show can be kept. Xiao’s father accused Xiao Shangqi of going to Wu Su to take over the monsoon hotel, Deju changed his post, Zhao Mingxuan has suppressed Yunlan everywhere since he took office, but such opportunities and crises coexist. He asked Xiao Shangqi to return to China to help Xiao Xian regain his right to speak during this period. But Xiao Shangqi no longer wanted to be his father’s pawn, and he also wanted to experience the feeling of playing chess.

In order to maintain the show, He Xiaoran still came to the Monsoon Hotel to find Xiao Shangqi, hoping that he could cooperate with him to record the show again. Xiao Shangqi simply asked He Xiaoran to help him, and then took her to the vegetable market and asked her to bargain in half. After such a circle, He Xiaoran inquired about the prices of ingredients in the vegetable market. The two then came to a popular noodle restaurant for dinner. Xiao Shangqi continued to embarrass He Xiaoran and asked her to ask for the phone number of the noodle restaurant owner. But when He Xiaoran completed all the requirements, Xiao Shangqi denied agreeing to help her record the show.

At ten o’clock in the evening, He Xiaoran came to the recording room with the prepared recording. At the beginning of the show, He Xiaoran talked about the friendship between himself and Xiao Xiao, but this friendship came to an abrupt end one day. He Xiaoran used a recording to imitate Xiao Shangqi at the scene, accusing him of being a playboy in college, stepping on N boats, and then running away after borrowing money and not returning it.

Now he is looking for him to apologize. And after such an arrangement of the story, the ratings of the show really increased, and He Xiaoran’s show was finally retained. On the other hand, Xiao Shangqi, who heard the broadcast, knew that his voice had been edited to deceive the audience, and was very angry. He came to look for He Xiaoran, but at this time He Xiaoran didn’t want to pay attention to him, and only went to a dinner party with his colleagues to celebrate his success.

During the meal, He Xiaoran saw that someone in the group said that the fans had an appointment to meet him at the bridge. He Xiaoran was afraid that some people would not think about it, so he came to the bridge alone, and sure enough, he saw Mr. Liu, a fan here. Mr. Liu said that he planned to chat with He Xiaoran before he died. Xiao Shangqi, who was worried about He Xiaoran’s safety, also came, and Mr. Liu was frightened and planned to jump off the bridge. Mr. Liu lent money to friends in his early years, which led to his own financial constraints and the separation of his wife and children. Now that he wanted to die, He Xiaoran and Xiao Shangqi cooperated to persuade Mr. Liu, and finally succeeded in saving him.

Seeing Mr. Liu whose mood gradually stabilized, He Xiaoran persuaded him to have expectations for life. After all, when people reach the bottom of the valley, every step in the future is an uphill road. After solving the matter, the two left together. On the way, He Xiaoran asked Xiao Shangqi whether it was because of her video that he left without saying goodbye. But I don’t know that Xiao Shangqi left in a hurry because he received a call from Chen Feier, and did not hear the confession in the video. Knowing the reason, He Xiaoran also felt ridiculous for himself.

Inspired by Mr. Liu’s incident, He Xiaoran suggested that the recording program group should not continue recording in the future and answer the calls of real listeners. She believes that in order for the show to last, it is necessary to really help others. He Xiaoran wants to get sponsorship from the investment promotion conference of Radio and Television next month, so that the program can be operated slowly.

He Xiaoran found Director Zhou of the Radio and Television Investment Promotion Association, hoping that she could help give them a chance to broadcast on stage. Seeing that He Xiaoran was so troubled by the show “Everyone Helps Everyone”, Director Zhou also asked He Xiaoran to come with him. Director Zhou brought He Xiaoran to the Monsoon Hotel and wanted to choose a venue for investment promotion.

He Xiaoran was picky about the many problems of the Monsoon Hotel, but Director Zhou believed that the Monsoon Hotel was relatively close to the Radio and Television Group, and heard that Xiao Shangqi planned to renovate the entire hotel for the Merchants Association. He was also willing to see the room fee and breakfast reduced in the face of his old classmate He Xiaoran, which made Director Zhou even happier, and also promised to give He Xiaoran a quota for investment promotion.

Xiao Shangqi took over this loss-making deal for Monsoon Hotel, which made the hotel’s vice president Lin and others dissatisfied, but Xiao Shangqi didn’t care, and asked the front desk to cancel the reservation and renovate the hotel. As a result, the Monsoon Hotel has an extraordinarily high expenditure, which makes Xiao Xian very dissatisfied, and is also worried that Yunlan’s reputation will be affected because of Xiao Shangqi. But Father Xiao promised to give Xiao Shangqi three months, and he was still willing to look forward to the result.

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