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Light Chaser Rescue 追光者 Episode 4 Recap

Zhou Mingming was sleeping on the basket, and was suddenly woken up by the phone. The caller was Ding Ding Ding. There were two children picking up books on the ruins not far away. Tintin hurried over to remind them to leave this dangerous place, and took out the only two lollipops left in his bag.

Today, the rescue work is still going on. Zhanyan has been performing the surgery without sleep, and her body is exhausted. She went to rest in an unoccupied corner at the suggestion of her colleagues. Seeing this, Robben sat next to her and asked her to sleep on her shoulders. Cai Yuxiao, as a doctor of the second tier, rushed to Fengqi County and happened to see this scene. Zhanyan woke up and found Robben, knowing that he was out of good intentions. Robben heard that Cai Yuxiao was going to discuss work with Zhanyan, and left first with interest.

Due to successive aftershocks in Fengqi County, rescuers were forced to stop their operations and evacuated the wounded back to the city. Ding Ding Ding seemed to see hope and applied for a ride. Zhou Mingming also had the idea of ​​returning to the city. Luo Ben was relieved when he learned that both Zhanyan and Luo Yuan were on the list of returning to the city. Cai Yuxiao informed Zhanyan to be interviewed by reporters, but Zhanyan didn’t like this kind of occasion, so he let Cai Yuxiao replace him.

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