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Light Chaser Rescue 追光者 Episode 2 Recap

After Zhanyan, she chased out the door after realizing it. The wretched man had long since disappeared, and she blamed Robben for not calling the police directly, but Robben responded and wasted time. Robben bought all the bread in the store and was accused by Zhanyan, but Zhanyan was not good at talking, so he could only turn around and leave in a sullen mood.

Xiong Fei delivered the courier to the residential area, but unexpectedly found that the owner was Luo Yuan, so he simply helped her move the things upstairs. At this time, Robben went home and noticed the men’s sneakers and footprints by the door, and subconsciously walked to the bathroom with a golf club, almost treating him as a thief who entered the house illegally.

Although Luo Yuan explained the ins and outs, the sister control Roben was still not completely relieved. After all, Luo Yuan was kind by nature and didn’t know that people’s hearts were sinister at all, so he could only protect this sister as much as possible. But Luo Yuan didn’t appreciate it, and went back to his room to pack his luggage in a depressed mood, so frightened that Luo Ben thought his sister was going to run away from home, he hurriedly apologized to her, and gave her a whistle necklace as a gift.

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