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Light Chaser Rescue 追光者 Episode 1 Recap

Linjiang City Expressway encountered a car accident, the traffic police immediately blocked the alert, and contacted the light-chasing rescue team to carry out rescue. At this moment, the traffic jams on the road are so congested that as a surgeon in the central hospital, she did not hesitate to choose to come forward when faced with this situation.

Lawyer Robben received a call from his client, Ma Baoming, and invited him to discuss the company merger. Just as he was about to take a detour, how did he know that Zhanyan suddenly stopped in front of the car. Before Robben could react, Zhanyan sat in the back seat and urged him to take him for a ride. Robben felt inexplicable about this strange woman’s behavior, but still sent her to the scene of the car accident.

Because the car had been crushed and deformed by the large truck loaded with wood, the couple sitting in the car, regardless of their own safety, begged Zhanyan to save their young son first. Robben helped Zhanyan carry the child out, and witnessed the rescue team in the process of rescuing the child’s parents, and Zhanyan calmly and calmly dealt with the critical moment.

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