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Our Times 我们这十年 Episode 4 Recap

In December 2020, Luo Bingbing and Dean Sun told Chen Ran that the Letu Network Spring Festival Gala invited them to the Internet Spring Festival Gala, but for traffic they invited a national actress to dance with them, hoping they would make some adaptations. But such an adaptation loses the original intention of the dance. The fourteen playful and lovely girls are not the background boards of the stars. They either dance as they are or don’t dance. Chen Ran’s attitude, Dean Sun also respected her opinion, Luo Bingbing sighed, they all regarded money as dung, she finally got the money and was thrown out by them. .

The Henan TV Spring Festival Gala team decided to invite “Tang Palace Night Banquet” to participate in this year’s Henan TV Spring Festival Gala, expressing innovatively from the perspective of ordinary people. After Chen Ran learned that no changes would be made, he happily agreed to cooperate. Chen Ran went to visit Xiaoyan and asked her if she would like to dance “Tang Palace Night Banquet” on New Year’s Eve. Xiaoyan agreed immediately. The dangerous period has passed. She wants to perform on stage. Serve with food and drink.

Henan TV station made bold innovations for the performance of “Tang Palace Night Banquet”, using technology to let the young ladies travel through the past and the present, and finally they can go home for the New Year after the end. On New Year’s Eve, Wang Baoyuan’s family gathered in front of the TV, finally fulfilling her wish to let her grandma see her on TV. Lin Beibei became popular and became the latest target of children in the community. Luo Bingbing was very busy on the first day of the new year. Only Chen Ran and Xiaoyan were in Zhengzhou for the New Year. Luo Bingbing could only inform Xiaoyan to accept an interview tomorrow.

The popularity of “Tang Palace Night Banquet” brought a huge audience to the Zhengzhou Opera House, and Xiaoyan said in an interview that she would return to the stage again. Henan Radio and TV Station received an urgent task to overthrow the Lantern Festival party that had been recorded, and re-produced it with “Tang Palace Night Banquet” as a series to promote traditional culture with the IP of “Tang Palace”. There are still eight days before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and the shooting task is tense. Every day, I have to shoot continuously for twenty hours. Du Yufei didn’t dare to control Xiaoyan’s thoughts, so he could only accompany and take care of her, either massage or water.

The five-day countdown to the Lantern Festival Gala, the ladies and sisters shot in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang and other places one after another, so busy that they didn’t even have time to eat or sleep. Dean Sun came to visit the class and was very distressed to see everyone lying on the ground. Wang Baoyuan said that this was the price of red. After the shooting, the tired crowd immediately rushed into the snow to rejoice when they saw the snow falling. All the hard work at this moment was not worth mentioning, and there was only laughter and laughter left in the snow.

On the day of the Lantern Festival, everyone gathered together to celebrate, and the performance on the TV station was very good. “Tang Palace Night Banquet” and Henan TV station jointly appeared in the circle, and also contributed to the appearance of Henan culture. Chen Ran thanked everyone. She knows that there are many difficulties behind everyone. Everyone overcame the difficulties and rehearsed this “Tang Palace Night Banquet” with her.

This is everyone’s hard work and everyone’s love. Chen Ran came to the museum again. The moon dance figurines have become the object of everyone’s rush to take pictures. The children are laughing and playing in Tang clothes. This is the reaction brought by “Tang Palace Night Banquet”. Through the glass cover, Chen Ran looked at the moon dance figurine with emotion.

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