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Our Times 我们这十年 Episode 3 Recap

“The Resurrection of Tang Figures” has been recognized by President Sun, and I hope everyone can improve their abilities in the last month. Behind the scenes, Dean Sun told Chen Ran and Luo Bingbing to take another look at Wang Baoyuan’s abilities, she was too much of a drag. Although Chen Ran felt sorry for Wang Baoyuan, she really couldn’t keep Wang Baoyuan, and her attitude was not bad. When Wang Baoyuan left, she said that she wanted her grandmother to see herself on TV, but it has not been possible until now. Wang Baoyuan said this with tears in her eyes, and even shed tears while eating, while Lin Beibei was at a loss.

“The Resurrection of Tang Figures” stood out from 174 works across the country and entered the finals of the Lotus Festival. Chen Ran went to Beijing to seek advice from experts from the Dance Association. Experts told Chen Ran that they were no match for Beijing and Shanghai, so they had to think carefully about what they could show besides beauty. Chen Ran continued to meet the Pipa girl, but she didn’t expect to be reunited with her family. After the An-Shi Rebellion, she lived in the world, her brother died in battle, and her mother passed away.

The story of the Pipa girl travels through ancient and modern times and once again inspired Chen Ran. Chen Ran hurriedly went back to inform everyone that he didn’t need to lose weight, and he could take Wang Baoyuan with him. From today onwards, he would not perform another dance of “The Resurrection of Tang Figures”.

Chen Ran did not want to change her original intention, nor did she change her previous thoughts. She had already thought through all the paragraphs in one go. Dean Sun did not understand why Chen Ran re-arranged in the last month. There has been no performance in the theater since the epidemic. Without income, “The Resurrection of Tang Figures” has already spent a lot of money, and it costs 80,000 yuan to recreate a play. He only said one sentence, no money!

A few people in the office saw Bureau Yan coming to Weihu for a private visit from a distance, and they quickly came up with a way to cry poor in front of the situation. Dean Sun accompanied Chen Ran to act and his face was red. Yan Ju ran into their difficulties, and quickly agreed to the revised version of Qian Wen and Tourism Bureau. When Yan Ju reacted that he seemed to have jumped into a pit, it was too late.

“The Resurrection of Tang Figures” is a revised version of “Tang Palace Night Banquet”. The first paragraph is on the way to the palace, the second paragraph is the play by the water, and the third paragraph is the performance in the palace. The music required for each paragraph is different. At the selection site of the lotus festival finals, the response to “Tang Palace Night Banquet” was very good, and it also received thunderous applause after the performance. This was the most enthusiastic show from the audience, but the judges thought it was too modern for classical dance, and some judges liked this show very much. It was down-to-earth, not abrupt, and it blended traditional and modern culture.

The top three of the lotus festival were released, and Zhengzhou Opera House’s “Night Banquet in Tang Palace” regrettably failed the list. The crowd gathered around Chen Ran to express their comfort. Mr. Ding was surprised by Chen Ran’s ability to adapt, and there were rules for awarding awards. He persuaded Chen Ran to perform, and he would definitely get a warm response from the audience. Then Chen Ran met two directors of Henan TV and made an appointment to give them the opportunity to perform.

Du Yu flew over. It turned out that Xiaoyan was pregnant two days ago. She stopped dancing today after dancing. Today may be her last time on stage. Luo Bingbing and Chen Ran sighed with emotion on their faces. They didn’t expect Xiaoyan to retire so suddenly, and the youth of Zheng Ge’s generation of actresses came to an end. Although Xiaoyan has withdrawn from the stage, she still loves dancing and often comes to the theater to watch everyone’s rehearsal.

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