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Our Times 我们这十年 Episode 2 Recap

Fang Tuan of the Shanghai Opera House told the story of their reform, but everyone at the scene was very worried. Chen Ran stared at the Tang Dynasty moon dance figurine in the photo, and entered the story of the Pipa girl across time. After she became a criminal officer, her father was convicted of the male family being sent to the frontier, the female Ding was demoted as a servant, and the pipa girl was summoned to the outer palace outside Chang’an City because of her beautiful appearance. Because of a song in front of Xuanzong, the Pipa girl completely changed her fate and was appointed to the Yichun Courtyard in the palace. Her relatives could visit the palace every year, and the Pipa girl was reunited with her mother and sister. It was a day like gold, and the Pipa girl shed tears when she said this.

Chen Ran continued to follow her, and saw that at the Tang Night Banquet, the singing and dancing were peaceful, the banquet continued, and the pipa girls and musicians played together. Chen Ran saw their dance and wanted to show their beauty, but it was difficult for them to make such a performance. The theme of participating in the Lotus Award is classical dance, and Chen Ran expressed his thoughts. In addition to Xiaoyan, twelve young ladies and sisters are needed, and few people can participate in the harsh rehearsal three times a week. Chen Ran simply ordered a few people, and Wang Baoyuan raised her hand eagerly, because she was overweight and had no chance to play in the Song and Ming Dynasties, and it was Tang Dynasty’s turn that she finally had her place!

While talking, Chen Ran found that Lin Beibei was gone. She had put on a hot short skirt and got off work ahead of schedule. Wang Baoyuan begged Chen Ran bitterly, but Chen Ran threatened her to reveal Lin Beibei’s address. Wang Baoyuan had to betray Lin Beibei, Lin Beibei saw them turn around and ran, even if the regiment trains her as the chief successor, Lin Beibei is still not uncommon, she doesn’t want to be the second Xiaoyan, Lin Beibei said very happy and unabashed , Chen Ran sighed and asked Lin Beibei what the value of dancing was. Lin Beibei felt that dancing could not give her the life she wanted, so it could only be a hobby.

Lin Beibei ran away, Chen Ran sighed and left silently, Wang Baoyuan explained after her, pouting in grievance, in fact, she envied Lin Beibei’s talent the most, if she had half of her talent, maybe she wouldn’t be disliked. Since then, Wang Baoyuan has started a life of losing weight. In order to hone his will, Wang Baoyuan was chased by the cafeteria chef for half a street. It’s not that Lin Beibei doesn’t like dancing, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be so tired, and her rich second-generation boyfriend proposed to get married. The only requirement was that Lin Beibei resigned and went home to be a full-time wife. The life of her dreams is just around the corner, and Lin Beibei still made a choice.

During lunch time, Lin Beibei sat hesitantly in front of Luo Bingbing and asked about her resignation. Luo Bingbing was not surprised, but she felt it was a pity. After all, Lin Beibei’s talent was so good that she became the starring role without much effort. Maybe all of this came from It’s too simple. Luo Bingbing asked Lin Beibei to understand that as long as she gave up her identity as a dancer and didn’t regret it. In Kaifeng, Henan Province, Lin Beibei returned to a familiar stall. Her parents were busy with business, and she danced here and pursued her dream when she was a child. Lin Beibei talked about her boyfriend’s thoughts, thinking about taking them to a good life after marriage, but her parents don’t feel hard at all now, and hope that Lin Beibei can live the life she wants, not to mention that she likes dancing since she was a child.

Lin Beibei sat in the clubhouse to socialize with her boyfriend, and was coaxed by his friends to dance on stage. Lin Beibei couldn’t ride a tiger, because there was no copyright in the dance, so she couldn’t dance here. Lin Beibei is an actor and can dance for the audience, but it can’t be used as a joke. Seeing this, the friends quickly changed their words, but Lin Beibei had a fight with her boyfriend and returned to the dormitory angrily. Wang Baoyuan resigned, and she regretted her talent, but Lin Beibei kept thinking about what the day she wanted.

The next morning, Wang Baoyuan woke up and Wang Baoyuan was gone. She came to rehearsal early for class, and finally decided to join “Tang figurines”. Lin Beibei has liked dancing since she was a child, and she still likes dancing now. If she can’t dance after marriage, she would rather not get married for the time being. Her boyfriend’s sharp words completely stabbed Lin Beibei. He was drawing her youth. Lin Beibei woke up completely. She proposed to break up. Compared with the good days when she didn’t dance, Lin Beibei liked dancing more.

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