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Our Times 我们这十年 Episode 1 Recap

In 1970, numerous cultural relics of exquisite significance were unearthed at the large-scale archaeological excavation site of the Tang Dynasty in Henan. In the summer of 2020, a museum putty appeared in the new museum of Henan Museum. He stood in front of the Tang Dynasty moon dance figurine for a long time, thinking in his mind a question, who are you?

In a trance, Chen Ran heard the moon dance figurine recite “Pipa Xing”, and the glass suddenly disappeared into a passage linking ancient and modern. The woman appeared in front of her lifelikely, but Chen Ran called her Xiaoyan. Soon Chen Ran was interrupted by the security guard, because he came here too many times and the security guard got off work time, so Chen Ran was about to be blocked.

Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, the rehearsal scene of “Water Moon Luoshen”. Xiaoyan has not come to the morning class for several days, Chen Ran is very anxious, the lead actor Du Yufei said that she will not come in the future, she will not dance “Shuiyue Luoshen” again, and let Chen Ran come on the bench. The vice president Luo Bingbing also rushed over, but Du Yufei did not give any reason to change Lin Beibei, but Lin Beibei didn’t come. She was picked up by a Maserati last week, and she obviously planned to marry into a wealthy family.

Luo Bingbing was going to line up to rectify the atmosphere. Lin Beibei stepped on her high heels and changed her clothes on the spot. By the way, she also paid the fine for arriving late and leaving early. Chen Ran asked Lin Beibei to replace Xiaoyan, Lin Beibei was at a loss, she was completely unprepared. When the music sounded, Luo Bingbing hurried away when she saw Lin Beibei pulling her hips, and Chen Ran’s face was ugly.

Vice President Sun Yuan and Luo Bingbing eagerly wanted to ask Du Yufei the answer. Xiaoyan had never been absent from rehearsals before. Could it be because their young couple quarreled? The chief actor’s words and deeds are all responsible for the theater. Du Yufei simply expressed his position on Xiaoyan’s behalf, saying that she would resign as the chief and stop dancing and go home to have children.

Chen Ran and Luo Bingbing met outside Xiaoyan’s house, and they took the opportunity to enter while Du Yufei was returning home, but they did not find Xiaoyan. After Du Yufei and Xiaoyan quarreled, Xiaoyan ran away from home without any news. As Xiaoyan’s friends, Luo Bingbing and Chen Ran emotionally scolded Du Yufei in the face, but Du Yufei unexpectedly calmly said that she was fine , They are not too young but still have no life of their own, and their parents are urging them to have grandchildren, what can he do?

Luo Bingbing and Chen Ran understood why Xiaoyan was difficult to choose. They thought of the scene when Luo Bingbing took Chen Ran to the dormitory to see Xiaoyan for the first time. At that time, Xiaoyan should have been the B corner, but someone else took it away. Location. Xiaoyan’s mood was very broken at that time, and she ignored Chen Ran at all.

At that time, Chen Ran witnessed Xiaoyan jumping back and forth between the group and the protagonist every day. Still not as good as people’s days. Xiaoyan couldn’t do the movements. Director Zeng asked her to practice tonight. Xiaoyan practiced helplessly for a long time. Back in the dormitory, Xiaoyan still couldn’t sleep or eat. She worked so hard every day, but she was still just a chicken head. The distance between the chicken head and the phoenix tail was farther than the distance between Zhengzhou and Beijing.

But Chen Ran told Xiaoyan that she didn’t have to imitate others’ rhythm too much. She couldn’t learn from others’ strengths, but she could use her own strengths. So the two returned to the dance studio late at night to practice for a long time. The next day, Xiaoyan’s performance stunned Director Zeng. She is now herself, and after receiving the approval of Director Zeng, she couldn’t help crying.

“Shuiyue Luoshen” became Zheng Ge’s second masterpiece. The great god who was invited from outside successfully retired, and Xiaoyan finally changed from corner B to corner A. Before taking the stage, Xiaoyan’s nervous people were all numb, but seeing everyone cheering for her, Xiaoyan still mustered up the courage to take the stage. Xiaoyan jumped from starring to chief. It took 15 years for her to jump, and she couldn’t even jump at the same time as her. When she got married and gave birth to a baby, when should an actress jump?

Soon after, Xiaoyan returned to the team, and Lin Beibei was relieved. Xiaoyan asked Du Yufei to give herself half a year to complete the tour of “Water Moon Luoshen”.

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