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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 16 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 16 Recap

Catcher Xie came to report that Uncle Dugu Xia was drunk and wanted to escape from the city, but now he has been tied back by him. Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng took him back to Dugu’s house. Uncle Dugu Xia’s neighbor, the old man, saw the official coming and told himself that he had heard Uncle Dugu Xia sharpen his knife in the middle of the night, and that Qinghong must have been killed.

Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng went to question Uncle Dugu Xia Qinghong’s whereabouts. Uncle Dugu Xia said that that night he suspected his wife was cheating and planned to strangle her in the middle of the night, but he remembered that he had owed his wife all these years, so he wanted to go to the kitchen to make ravioli for his wife to eat. He must have gone to sharpen his knives and cook.

But later, after making the wontons, only to find that Qinghong was gone, and only then did he suspect that his wife had returned to her parents’ house in a rage. Seeing Uncle Dugu Xia in a trance, Lu Lingfeng didn’t believe what he said.

Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng checked Dugu’s house again, remembering the action of the man in black that night going straight to the rice jar. Su Wuming asked Uncle Dugu Xia to move the tank and plan the ground. Uncle Dugu Xia discovered seven silver ingots from the family. This silver ingot This book is kept by Qinghong and can only be used when he gets the title.

The catcher then came to report that Qinghong’s body was found in the Tudi Temple. It turned out that the beggar Donglang used the medicinal materials donated by Su Wuming and his injuries improved, so he came to the Tudi Temple to thank the Tudi Gong, and accidentally found Qinghong’s body in the Tudi Gong statue. Su Wuming ordered someone to bring Uncle Dugu Xia to recognize the corpse.

Uncle Dugu Xia, who was in a trance, saw Qinghong’s corpse crying in pain, and the memory of himself hacking and killing Qinghong flashed in his mind. Under great stimulation, Uncle Dugu Xia also claimed that Liu Youqiu must have killed himself.

Uncle Dugu Xia, who was imprisoned in the county government office, dreamed that he prepared wontons for his wife. I want to accompany him to fulfill the last wish of Dugu mother to give birth to a child as soon as possible. The sober Uncle Dugu Xia thought that he did not kill his wife, but in a blink of an eye he thought that he had killed Qinghong and Liu Youqiu, and his spirit was extremely broken.

Su Wuming told Lu Lingfeng that he speculated that Uncle Dugu Xia was not the murderer. Uncle Dugu Xia was in a trance and his testimony was inconsistent, and Uncle Dugu Xia was out of breath when he moved the tank today, and it was impossible for him to move Qinghong’s body to the Temple of the Earth in Houshan.

But Lu Lingfeng did not agree with Su Wuming’s inference, thinking that Uncle Dugu Xia’s trance might be caused by the murder, and he could get help for carrying the corpse. Su Wuming confessed that his autopsy found that Qinghong died of poisonous injuries, not hacked to death. And the man in black talked about Dugu Mansion every night, knowing the location of the silver ingot, he must be familiar with Qinghong.

Su Wuming also explained that he had recorded his investigation skills in the book Changan gave to Lu Lingfeng, and hoped that Lu Lingfeng would have the opportunity to read it carefully. Su Wuming believes that the investigation can only start with Uncle Dugu Xia, but it seems that Uncle Dugu Xia himself has confused reality and dream.

Lu Lingfeng saw that Uncle Dugu Xia was reluctant to sleep in prison, because Uncle Dugu Xia had nightmares when he fell into a dream. Lu Lingfeng imprisoned Master Fei Ji in Uncle Dugu Xia’s prison on the grounds of quitting drinking. He learned that Uncle Dugu Xia had nightmares and dared not dream. Master Fei Ji observed Uncle Dugu Xia’s symptoms at night and treated him with acupuncture and moxibustion the next day.

Master Fei persuaded Uncle Dugu Xia to receive treatment, and then also told Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng that Uncle Dugu Xia’s nightmare was not a respiratory arrest, it might have been frightened, it might have been a diarrhoea since childhood, or it might have been used by the gangsters. .

Sure enough, Uncle Dugu Xia fell asleep for twelve hours after receiving the treatment, without having nightmares, and after waking up, he denied that he had killed Qinghong and Liu Youqiu.

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