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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 15 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 15 Recap

Qinghong said that what she was dreaming was a dream, but Uncle Dugu Xia had doubts. Even Qinghong didn’t want to cook and wondered whether his wife was in love, but his wife Qinghong also felt wronged. Uncle Dugu Xia stayed in the Confucian Temple all day to study. Uncle Dugu Xia angrily accused Qinghong of having fun at home, Qinghong was framed and wanted to leave, Uncle Dugu kept him, but in the end, the two quarreled again.

Uncle Dugu Xia asked his wife if she went out in the afternoon , Qinghong had to admit that she wanted to go to the Confucian Temple in the afternoon, but it was raining heavily, and she was afraid that Uncle Dugu Xia would not be happy to see her, so she returned home.

At night, Uncle Dugu Xia fell into a nightmare. In the dream, he couldn’t stand his wife’s cheating, so he strangled Qinghong to death. And then Uncle Dugu Xia, who fell asleep again, dreamed that he returned to the Confucian Temple and questioned his classmate Liu Youqiu’s relationship with Qinghong.

In the dream, Liu Youqiu admitted that he liked someone else’s wife, which made Uncle Dugu Xia get angry and stab him to death with a knife. The awakened Uncle Dugu Xia faced his wife’s questioning, thinking that what he was thinking was not a dream, and he strangled Qinghong to death as if he was insane.

The next day, the corpse of Liu Youqiu, a son of Nanzhou, was found in the Confucian Temple. Lu Lingfeng learned that this person was a child of an aristocratic family. He only came to the Confucian Temple in early March this year. Before that, Uncle Dugu Xia had been living here for three years. Su Wuming went to ask Dong Lang, a beggar who lived in the firewood house of the Confucian Temple.

Donglang was beaten with a stick for stealing, and he was still lying in the firewood house to recover from his injuries. Although he learned that he had a bad relationship with Liu Youqiu, Lu Lingfeng also knew that he was currently injured. It is impossible to kill in this state.

The Confucian temple handyman Jixiang found that Liu Youqiu was killed when he came to deliver the food at the beginning of Youshi yesterday. Su Wuming asked Jixiang and learned that Uncle Dugu Xia went out to buy books in the afternoon yesterday and did not return.

His family has a wife and occasionally comes to the Confucian Temple to give her husband a change of clothes. Lu Lingfeng came to look for Uncle Dugu Xia, saw him hurriedly leaving home to go to Chang’an to prepare for the exam, told him the news of Liu Youqiu’s death, and took him away for questioning.

Facing the interrogation, Uncle Dugu Xia said that he went to the bookstore to buy books yesterday afternoon, and then returned to the Confucian Temple to say goodbye to Liu Youqiu and then rushed to Chang’an to prepare for the exam, but remembered that Liu Youqiu did not want to go to Chang’an by himself, so he had to go home. Su Wuming asked where Uncle Dugu Xia’s wife, Qinghong, was now.

Uncle Dugu Xia said that because he was going to Chang’an to prepare for the exam, his wife had returned to her parents’ home for a temporary stay yesterday. Uncle Dugu Xia firmly stated that he did not quarrel with Liu Youqiu yesterday, nor did he kill anyone. Su Wuming agreed to let him leave, but said that he could not leave Nanzhou without permission until the case was solved.

Lu Lingfeng thought that Uncle Dugu Xia’s eyes were flickering, and there must be a ghost in his heart. He asked Lao Xie to keep an eye on Uncle Dugu Xia, and let him go to play hard to escape. Lu Lingfeng then decided to bring back Qinghong the next day to help solve the case. However, when Lu Lingfeng rushed to Hexian County, he learned that Qinghong had not returned home, and the mountain road was dangerous.

Every year, bandits kidnapped many people. Lu Lingfeng wanted Xue Huan to pretend to be a woman to lure out the thieves, but Pei Xijun offered to help as a woman, but Lu Lingfeng didn’t want Xijun to take risks. Hearing Pei Xijun’s proposal to travel with Xue Huan pretending to be a sister, with Xue Huan’s close protection, Lu Lingfeng agreed to this proposal .

Pei Xijun and Xue Huan pretended to be sisters and went to Hexian County. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by bandits on the way and then detained. However, they did not find Qinghong among the women who were kidnapped. Xue Huan took everyone away and was discovered. Take the bandit uniform away.

Lu Lingfeng learned from Catcher Xie that Uncle Dugu Xia was either buying books or drinking every day. Lu Lingfeng decided to talk to Dugu Mansion at night to check, but as soon as he entered Dugu Mansion, he found that there were people in black talking about private houses at night. hurt.

The hidden weapon was poisonous, but thanks to Fei Jishi’s timely diagnosis and treatment, his life was saved. Pei Xijun took good care of Lu Lingfeng all night, and Lu Lingfeng was quite embarrassed when he found out. Su Wuming learned the details from Lu Lingfeng’s mouth and went to the scene to check.

Su Wuming asked Jixiang if he had missed any details and did not tell them. Jixiang considered telling him again and again that Uncle Dugu Xia had threatened to kill Liu Youqiu. Donglang and he both heard about it ten days ago. The point of contention between the two is that Uncle Dugu Xia suspects Liu Youqiu and his wife, Qinghong, having an affair, but Jixiang has never seen it and cannot judge it at will.

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