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My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 4 Recap

My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 4 Recap

After Tan Jiao returned, he lost his temper and blamed Xiao Hao for being disobedient and running around for the accident. He punished him for starting to write a review a hundred times. Xiao Hao also saw the crux of Tan Jiao’s heart and persuaded Tan Jiao not to restrain men too tightly and control them. It should be relaxed and moderate, and while persuading Tan Jiao, he also wrote three words sorry to her.

The next day, Xiaohao’s father came to pick him up, Tan Jiao gave Xiaohao the candy he liked, and Xiaohao passed by the car repair shop and shared it with Wu Yu. Holding the candy, Wu Yu thought of Tan Jiao, and the corners of his mouth turned up unconsciously.

The next day, Shen Shiyan came to ask him about how Tan Jiao and Wu Yu saved people yesterday, and how they discovered that stronghold. Wu Yu told the truth. It was based on a bird. I thought Shen Shiyan wouldn’t believe it, but Shen Shiyan had noticed the bird long ago. Every time there was a bird at the crime scene, after this understanding, Shen Shiyan also told Tan Jiaohe. Wu Yu is very grateful.

After Wu Yu waited for the police to leave, he specially reminded Tan Jiao to go directly to him when the police came. He did not want Tan Jiao to be involved in this matter. Tan Jiao mistakenly thought that Wu Yu was afraid of causing trouble for her, and the two became unhappy again. And scattered. As soon as Wu Yu left, a man and a woman came to ask if Tan Jiao had seen her son. The boy in the photo, Tan Jiao, was indeed seen in the kidnapper’s room, but what Tan Jiao didn’t notice was that there was a black feather on the woman’s collar.

The woman’s name is Zhu Jirui. Her father, Zhu Fengxian, broke into the base of the robbers because of Tan Jiao, which caused his grandson Zhu Zihan to fail to come back. He transferred all his anger to Tan Jiao. If his grandson did not come back, he would not let Tan Jiao go. . There is a book in Zhu Jirui’s house, and the study in the book is the red-necked tern.

Tan Jiao also learned from classmate Wu Yu that in the murder case in Jinghai City at that time, Wu Miao was the victim transfer. Tan Jiao suddenly remembered Wu Miao’s previous situation and realized why Wu Yu seems to have changed now. . When Wu Yu was repairing the car, the key chain suddenly fell off, and Wu Miao’s head rope was tied on it. Thinking of Wu Miao’s birthday at that time, he asked Tan Jiao to invite him to dinner. Tan Jiao finished his work very late. No one answered, and she had an accident that day. Wu Yu held the headband in his arms and wept sadly. At this time, a red umbrella was covering his head. Wu Yu looked up and saw that it was Tan Jiao.

Tan Jiao stretched out his hand to touch the sad man, Wu Yu wiped his tears and stood up suddenly, looking at the girl in front of him, Tan Jiao took the initiative to apologize to Wu Yu, Wu Yu also apologized at the same time, he never thought of hurting Tan Jiao. Tan Jiao promised that he would never trouble him again because of things on the ship, but as long as Wu Yu needed her, he could find her at any time.

Tan Jiao left the umbrella to Wu Yu, ran home by himself, and wrote the mood of “Dark Cloud Meets Jiao Moon” in the Moments. Tan Jiao kept blaming herself, thinking that it was obvious that Wu Yu always avoided Wu Miao’s affairs, but she kept asking questions, she was stupid, Zhuang Yu comforted Tan Jiao and bought her cakes on purpose. It also reminded Tan Jiao of seeing Zhu Jirui’s son Zhu Zihan in the wooden house. Zhu Zihan was the only one who was not tied up and was eating cake.

Zhu Jirui thanked Tan Jiao for her words, but after leaving, a red-necked tern followed her. Zhu Jirui looked back at the red-necked tern and smiled. After thinking about it, Tan Jiao always felt that Zhu Jirui seemed to know each other, but he couldn’t remember where he saw it. At this time, he was passing through the tunnel, and suddenly many red-necked terns rushed over, scaring Tan Jiao to avoid it. Fortunately, Wu Yu appeared in time and took him away. she.

Wu Yu sent Tan Jiao back. When Tan Jiao took off his clothes, he realized that his arm had been scratched by the red-necked tern. At this time, the red-necked tern flew past the window again, and Tan Jiao hurried to look. But he didn’t see anything. At this moment, there was a hurried knock on the door. Tan Jiao opened the door and saw that it was Wu Yu. Wu Yu proposed to stay at Tan Jiao’s house for a while.

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