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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 8 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 8 Recap

Nan Xing saw that Lu Zichen was drunk and hazy, so he couldn’t bear to ask Xiao Wudi for help, worried that the explanation would not be clear. Xiao Wudi secretly rejoiced in the surveillance room. Everything he carefully arranged was to give Nan Xing a chance. Nan Xing called for help on the elevator microphone, but the security guard had long since been knocked unconscious by Xiao Wudi. Nan Xing saw that no one agreed, and only slowly waited for rescue. Lu Zichen suddenly spoke to her.

Lu Zichen talked to Nanxing, pretending that his friend likes Ye Qing. Nan Xing was at a loss, not knowing how to respond. Lu Zichen said more and more vigorously, grabbed the red wine in Nanxing’s bag and continued drinking. Nan Xing couldn’t persuade him, and he didn’t want to continue listening to him, so he just took the red wine and drank it. Xiao Wudi watched Lehe from the surveillance end, Nan Xing pretended to be asleep, and Lu Zichen didn’t know what was going on with her. Xiao Wudi couldn’t hear the two of them talking, thinking what Lu Zichen was going to do to Nan Xing.

He quickly opened the elevator door, pulled Nan Xing and left, Lu Zichen also woke up and left alone. Nan Xing saw through Xiao Wudi’s tricks and knew that he arranged it on purpose. Xiao Wudi was in a hurry, so Nan Xing was not allowed to like Lu Zichen, thinking that Lu Zichen was not worthy of Nan Xing. Nan Xing knew that Xiao Wudi built herself for the sake of going back, and she was angry. Xiao Wudi praised Nanxing as good looking, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, not knowing what he said, he hurried home.

Xiao Wudi returned home with a lingering heart. He was not sure whether he liked Nanxing or not. In order to verify his heart, he took advantage of Nan Xing to fall asleep, staring at her face non-stop, full of psychological drama. I thought I thought too much, but when I saw that Nan Xing didn’t cover the quilt, I felt bad again.

After Nan Xing got up, he changed back to his original dressing style. To do a good job is more important than self-confidence. Xiao Wudi had been waiting for Nanxing at the door for a long time, telling her not to think about what happened yesterday. Nan Xing didn’t want to pay attention to him, saying that he no longer believed what he said.

While waiting for the elevator, Nan Xing met Lu Zichen again, and both of them were embarrassed. Lu Zichen texted Nanxing to let her forget what she said last night and keep it a secret. Nan Xing glanced at Lu Zichen and replied that it was okay.

Lu Zichen was very preoccupied, and kept thinking about whether Song Jiaming proposed to marry him. He imagined Song Jiaming being rejected and accepted, and wondered if he had proposed marriage.

Xiao Wudi thought about Nan Xing’s words at home and muttered to Xiao Xiong. He is self-reliant on Young Master Acacia, and it is impossible for him to think about Nanxing. Nan Xing was worried that he would not be able to keep the secret and was silenced by Lu Zichen. He couldn’t help but blurt out that it was very troublesome for a man. When my colleagues heard it, they all came to watch, gossip about his relationship with the boss, and it happened that Xiao Wudi came to the company.

Xiao Wudi threatened her with Lu Zichen. In order not to misunderstand her colleagues in the company, Nan Xing agreed to eat with Xiao Wudi. Xiao Wudi coaxed Nanxing with an oath, and Nanxing believed it to be true. The two were having a happy meal when Sisi called and asked Nan Xing to meet the handsome guy. Nan Xing readily agreed after hearing about the handsome guy, Xiao Wudi was instantly jealous and followed Nan Xing’s party quietly.

The handsome guy chatted happily with Nan Xing, and the two also played billiards together. Xiao Wudi looked more and more angry. Lu Zichen asked Nan Xing to inquire about Ye Qing’s situation. Nan Xing suggested that he should take the initiative if he likes someone. Lu Zichen took the initiative to ask Ye Qing, and when he learned that Ye Qing broke up with Song Jiaming, he told Nan Xing the first time he was happy.

Nan Xing was speechless, drinking alone, not knowing what Lu Zichen was thinking. Xiao Wudi tossed and turned at home, wondering how long it would take for Nan Xing to come back. Nan Xing bought Xiao Wudi ice cream, and seeing that he was very happy eating it, he couldn’t help but leaned close to Xiao Wudi’s mouth.

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