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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 7 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 7 Recap

Nan Xing came to the company and saw Jiaojiao swearing. I thought she didn’t do her job well, but I didn’t expect Jiaojiao to celebrate with her colleagues and congratulate her on her smooth transition. For Nanxing to become a regular, everyone looked at her with admiration, because she was the first assistant to the president who successfully became a regular. Jiaojiao planned to help Nanxing hold a celebration party, Nanxing suddenly thought of Xiao Wudi and wanted to thank him.

Nanxing brought Xiao Wudi out and took him to experience VR virtual reality, but he was very excited to play. Xiao Wudi was originally not interested, but Nan Xing kept pulling him to play, and in the end, the two of them had a good time. Afterwards, Xiao Wudi wanted to drink milk tea, and Nan Xing helped him buy milk tea.

When Xiao Wudi was waiting for Nanxing, he accidentally saw Lu Zichen. Lu Zichen returned the necklace he had bought for Ye Qing before, and happened to meet Song Jiaming again. Song Jiaming recognized Lu Zichen, admitted that he wanted to propose to Ye Qing, and asked Lu Zichen for his opinion. Lu Zichen suggested not to propose marriage in public, because Ye Qing paid great attention to personal privacy.

Xiao Wudi thought this was an opportunity, after all, Lu Zichen’s beloved woman was proposed by someone else. After Nan Xing bought the milk tea, he brought back a doll for Xiao Wudi, named Xiao Xiong Wudi. Xiao Wudi looked disgusted, and felt that Xiao Xiong Wudi was too ugly. Nan Xing joked that when he was lonely and bored, he could talk to Xiao Xiong Wudi.

Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing was acting abnormally tonight and asked her if she had any conspiracies. Nan Xing said that he just wanted to thank him well. Although Lu Zichen has not liked the situation now, he will not give up. Nan Xing complained that when he saw Lu Zichen, he would be nervous and stutter. Xiao Wudi said that he could help her deal with Lu Zichen.

Nanxing’s mother heard that Nanxing had turned positive and cheered her on. Nan Xing looked at the photo taken for Xiao Wudi and thought he was so cute. Xiao Wudi didn’t see that Xiaoxiong Wudi was like himself, he didn’t want to be led astray by Nanxing, he had to hurry up and let Nanxing attract Lu Zichen.

Xiao Wudi decided to start with the dress, and bought Nan Xing professional clothes to make her more confident in her clothes. Nan Xing was not used to it and thought that his stuttering had nothing to do with clothes. Xiao Wudi analyzed that Lu Zichen is like a child and needs someone to take care of him, reminding Nanxing to give Lu Zichen more care and help. Nan Xing thought Xiao Wudi’s words were credible and accepted the new clothes he gave.

When Nan Xing met Lu Zichen, she didn’t stutter, Jiaojiao encouraged her to cheer up. Many black fans sent threatening letters, but Lu Zichen didn’t care at all. He just wanted to see if Ye Qing had received Song Jiaming’s proposal ring.

Company colleagues were biased by black fans, and their emotions were unstable. Nan Xing suggested that everyone maintain a stable mood. After all, Su Yu’s death was only Lu Zichen’s writing technique, and the ending was not determined. Hearing Nan Xing’s words, Lu Zichen arranged for her to work and let her take a look at Ye Qing’s mood.

Nan Xing was ready to leave work after finishing his get off work, but was stopped by Xiao Wudi. Xiao Wudi asked her to stay in the company to accompany Lu Zichen, and to seize every opportunity to perform well. Lu Zichen only had Ye Qing in his heart, and he was a little disappointed to see Ye Qing being called by Song Jiaming to go on a date. Xiao Wudi came to the company and deliberately gave Nanxing wine to give her a chance to show her in front of Lu Zichen. He was going bungee jumping and had no time to accompany her.

Lu Zichen was in a bad mood and was ready to go home after getting drunk. Nan Xing wanted to send Lu Zichen out, but the two were trapped in the elevator.

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