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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 13 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 13 Recap

I heard Su Wuming say that most of the people who drink tea in Chang’an are scholar-bureaucrats, and few people drink it. Zhong Boqi expressed his hope that one day, in the north and south of Chang’an, and up and down the river, both the nobles and the common people would like to drink tea, and Su Wuming also had this wish.

Zhong Boqi’s cough was severe, and he had hemoptysis. Su Wuming asked Mr. Fei Ji to help him diagnose and treat. Mr. Fei diagnosed that Zhong Boqi was not terminally ill, but Zhong Boqi thought that Mr. Fei was a liar, not a liar. I would like to believe what he said.

In front of everyone, Su Wuming recounted the case. After Lu Gongfu died, he once led Leng Ji to conduct an autopsy on Lu Gongfu. At that time, he knew that Lu Gongfu was strangled by the murderer first, and then bayoneted by Lin Bao. So Lin Bao is not the real murderer. Later, he and Lu Lingfeng investigated Lu Li and Ouyang Quan and found that neither of them had time to commit the crime. Later, at a banquet in the Xie Mansion, it was discovered that the characters in the “Stone Bridge” had died one by one, thus suspecting Yan Yuanfu’s death.

Zhong Boqi had lived in Nanzhou since he was a child, so he must be familiar with this worm. Under the prompting of Su Wuming’s name, Zhong Boqi took off the wig on his head, and he was a bald man. When Su Wuming visited the Zhong Mansion last time, he saw the servants driving away the merchants selling combs, and after testing the servants of the Zhong Mansion, he guessed that Zhong Boqi had lost all his hair half a year ago. And Su Wuming also went to visit Yan Yuanfu’s family and knew that Yan Yuanfu was not in serious health condition before his death, but he drank tea with Zhong Boqi before his death.

Mrs. Yan once saw him carrying a glass bottle to Yan’s house. Su Wuming learned from the shopkeeper of the pharmacy that the color of the glass is the most poisonous insect, and Yan Yuanfu loves calligraphy and carries the fragrance of ink on his body. Naturally attacked Yan Yuanfu. And Lu Gongfu was strangled by Zhong Boqi with strings. At that time, the wig fell off and was mistaken by the beggar for the murder of a monk.

Leng Ji didn’t want to believe that the murderer turned out to be his elder brother Zhong Boqi. Zhong Boqi said that he thought he was terminally ill and that he wanted to take the four sons of Nanzhou away together soon after he died. The woodcutter was attacked by another hundred poisonous insects. He died, and the old servant of the Xie family was angered by his words.

Although the woodcutter and servants are all embellishments in the painting, if the people in the painting are complete, then it is perfect. Leng Ji scolded Zhong Boqi for being a lunatic. He actually had no eyes to make friends with this person. He had no face to live in the world. He wanted to hit a tree to seek death, but was stopped by Lu Lingfeng. Zhong Boqi told Leng Ji that he had put a chronic poison in the tea, so that these famous nobles could also die gloriously.

Stone Bridge Wonderland is too beautiful, but people are sinister. Fortunately, Wuming Su took the opportunity to exchange the tea cups, otherwise Zhong Boqi would really get what he wanted. The government announced Zhong Boqi’s crime to the world, but Ouyang Quan couldn’t accept the truth and tore the notice away.

Knowing this, Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng hurried to Ouyang Quan’s house and rescued Ouyang Quan who had just hanged himself. Lu Lingfeng told Ouyang Quan that although he was a businessman, he had done good deeds to the people of Nanzhou for all to see. In his eyes, Ouyang Quan was more worthy of being a celebrity than the four sons of Nanzhou.

Su Wuming also recognized the name of Ouyang Quan, and also said that Lu Li had returned the original price of “Stone Bridge”, and Pei Xijun was also willing to help him make up the painting. Lu Lingfeng also said that they could follow the example of the Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest and accompany him to drink.

Leng Ji came to visit Zhong Boqi in prison. Zhong Boqi was given decoction and his cough was cured. He was willing to donate his family wealth to help the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from this disease in Nanzhou City. Nowadays, it is difficult for Zhong Boqi to return home.

Lu Lingfeng remembered that Su Wuming reminded himself that the details were the key to handling the case. He remembered the Gantangyi incident late at night and found that Liu Shiba was a ghost, so he told Su Wuming that he planned to use his one-month vacation to return to Gantangyi to investigate the matter. Under Pei Xijun’s suggestion, Su Wuming shaved off his beard, Lu Lingfeng glued a fake beard, and the two returned to Gantangyi in disguise.

Suspicious, Lu Lingfeng disguised as a general and came to live there. The person who opened the door this time still claimed to be Liu Shiba. Lu Lingfeng used the heavy rain as an excuse to express that he was not afraid of the haunted post house and insisted on staying.

Liu Shiba prepared meat and was rejected by Lu Lingfeng. Lu Lingfeng ordered a wild vegetable dumpling to wrap his belly. He learned that the other party preyed on wild monkeys for food all the year round, and he joked that the other party would not eat human flesh for a living.

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