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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 12 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 12 Recap

Nanzhou Xiangxian Xie Gong’s two sons passed the examination and held a banquet to celebrate. Xiong Xiong invited Su Wuming, Lu Lingfeng and Pei Xijun to play together. A few people went to the banquet together that night. Su Wuming and others visited Duke Xie to congratulate Xie’s family and two scholars. Then Xie Ming, Xie Hui, the son of Xie’s house, came to the banquet pavilion by boat, but the old boating servant suddenly drove the two sons into the room.

In the water, the two eventually drowned, and the old boating servant also ate poison and died. Su Wuming and others knew that the old servant was a servant of the Xie family, but they did not know why he hated the Xie family so much. The catcher, Xie Bantou, wanted to explain, but was caught Xie Gong blocked.

Lu Lingfeng later found the catcher Xie Bantou in private and learned that the old servant’s son was about the same age as Xie Ming and Xie Hui. The son was swept into the lake by the storm, and the old servant’s son jumped into the water to save the person, but Xie Gong was selfish and feared that another accident would happen, so he took the boat away in a hurry, but did not rescue the old servant’s son and eventually caused him to drown.

Lu Lingfeng lamented that the old servant was forbearing enough and did not take revenge immediately after his son’s death, but took revenge after Xie Ming Xie Huizhong Jinshi more than ten years later. Pei Xijun suddenly remembered something and asked Xie Ming that Xie Hui was in the painting “Stone Bridge”.

Pei Xijun guessed that the two boys in the painting were Xie Ming and Xie Hui, and the person serving next to him was the old servant who committed the murder today. Su Wuming thought that if Pei Xijun’s guess was correct, then the dead and dying people were not only the four sons of Nanzhou, but all the people who appeared in the painting.

The next day, Wuming Su came to visit Xie’s house and confirmed that the boys in the painting were the two sons of Xie’s house. When Zhang Xuan lived in Xie’s house temporarily, it was Xie Ming and Xie Hui who brought him to find the fourth son in Nanzhou. The servant of the body is indeed the old servant of the murderer.

Su Wuming borrowed the “Stone Bridge” again for research, and Pei Xijun found a woodcutter again from the painting, and speculated that the current age of this person should be thirty-five or six-year-old. Lu Lingfeng quickly arranged for the catcher to find the woodcutter, but when the catcher found the woodcutter, he saw the woodcutter fell ill and fell off a cliff.

Knowing this result, Wuming Su was even more suspicious of the cause of Yan Yuanfu’s death, so he took Lu Lingfeng to the governor’s house, hoping that the governor Xiong would allow them to open the coffin for an autopsy. Although Lu Lingfeng is no longer a general, he lied that he had dispatched Xue Huan to rush back to Chang’an to report the matter to the crown prince. Hearing this, Xiong Shishi only had to agree.

The next day, Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng led people to open the coffin for an autopsy. Su Wuming performed the autopsy in full view of the public. Suddenly there was a sudden rainstorm, lightning and thunder, and Leng Ji and Yan Yuanfu’s family tried their best to block it. Fortunately, Lu Lingfeng came forward and made some remarks. Suppressing a few people who were inciting speeches, let Su Wuming perform an autopsy smoothly.

After that, Wuming Su thanked Lu Lingfeng for his great help. He was not afraid of losing his position as Sima in order to investigate the case. After Lu Lingfeng investigated the Chang’an Black Tea case, he had fallen to this point.

If he did it again, Lu Lingfeng would still choose to meddle in his own business, investigate the real murderer, and kill You Li Si. Strange. The two cherish each other and are willing to work hard to restore the truth. Su Wuming took out the results of today’s autopsy. Master Fei judged that this thing was the molting of a hundred poisonous insects. This insect was very terrifying.

There are servants in Zhong Boqi’s house, but Leng Ji lives alone. Su Wuming arranged for Lu Lingfeng to protect Leng Ji’s safety. He took Master Fei Ji to the pharmacy to inquire about hundreds of poisonous insects. He learned from the shopkeeper that this insect is commonly known as Mo Lunzi, although it is a famous medicinal material. , but also very vicious, entering through the seven orifices, exclusively eating the heart, and exiting from the top of the head after seven days, molting and turning into moths.

This is the only Chinese medicine shop in Nanzhou City to buy this thing in Huang Lao’s hands. Su Wuming then summoned Huang Lao to ask if someone in Nanzhou City could buy this item in private, and learned that a traveling monk had bought it.

After Su Wuming returned to the mansion, he learned that Zhong Boqi had repaired a book for him. Zhong Boqi said in a letter that fifteen years ago on the ninth day of the first day, the fourth son of Nanzhou visited Shiqiao Mountain for the first time, and on the ninth day of the next day, he wanted to take the cold book to visit the old place again. You can also drink tea in the mountains.

Zhong Boqi also invited Xiong Shishi and Luo Changshi, and Su Wuming agreed to his request and decided to take Pei Xijun and others to see Shiqiao Wonderland.

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