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My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 3 Recap

My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 3 Recap

November 5, 2021 was the day Wu Miao was killed. When Wu Yu was carrying Tan Jiao to find her younger brother, countless possibilities appeared in Wu Yu’s mind. Nothing happened, Wu Yu also checked the red-naped terns outside.

Tan Jiao felt that the note that lured him to the past yesterday should be related to the person who manipulated the bird. At this time, Shen Shiyan was ordered by his mother to send some mushrooms to Tan Jiao’s mother. Tan Jiao deliberately left Shen Shiyan to provide some mushrooms.

The clue is actually to inquire about the clues held by the police from the side, and it is determined that there are boys and no girls in the missing people. Wu Yu also held Tan Jiao’s hand on purpose, which made Shen Shiyan feel uncomfortable. When he was about to leave, Tan’s mother came back. Although Mother Tan thought Shen Shiyan was good, she saw that the new Wu Yu didn’t say much.

Tan Jiao asked Wu Yu how to find the store. She didn’t say where her home was at all. Wu Yu claimed that she had superpowers, and Tan Jiao took it as a way of teasing the children. Tan Jiao asked why Wu Yu is now with him. The contrast on the boat was so great that Wu Yu didn’t want to say more. Tan Jiao thought of Wu Miao and proposed to come out to play together, but Wu Yu left without saying anything.

Going back on the motorcycle, Wu Yu thought of Wu Miao again, and Tan Jiao also secretly understood what Wu Yu had gone through, and he was able to change from a top student to a repairman. The younger brother always teased that Tan Jiao was in love with Wu Yu, otherwise he would not secretly search for other people’s information. Tan Jiao urged her brother to go to bed. She saw that someone had left a post about Wu Yu on the Internet, so she contacted him quickly, pretending to ask Wu Yu for some questions, hoping to know Wu Yu’s address. At this moment on the branch outside, a red-naped tern stared at everything in the room.

Tan Jiao found out that his brother was missing early the next morning, and hurriedly called his mother to ask. His mother was too busy to pay attention to Tan Jiao. Tan Jiao walked out of the door and found black feathers on the balcony. They found Wu Yu at the garage on the opposite side. Wu Yu looked up and saw a red-necked tern flying over. The two quickly rode their bikes to find their younger brother, Xiao Hao.

Following the flight direction of the red-naped tern, he found a wooden hut in the woods. Wu Yu, who had super powers, saw a red shoe in the room. Tan Jiao knew that it was Xiao Hao’s shoe, and the robber inside was also right. It was the robber I saw in the park that day, especially with a shotgun in his hand.

Wu Yu and Tan Jiao watched the robbers go out and ran into the wooden house. They saw several boys tied up inside. Just when the two were about to rescue the children, the red-naped tern flew back again, which also alerted the robbers. The robber rushed into the room and fought with Wu Yu. The two fought all the way from the room to the outside.

Wu Yu was severely strangled by the robber and nearly died. Tan Jiao threw a shoe and hit the robber. He broke free from the robbers and continued to fight, but he accidentally fell down the hillside. In the coma, Wu Yu seemed to see the situation on the boat and wanted to protect Wu Miao behind him, but found that there was no one behind him, so Wu Yu woke up from his dream.

At this time, he had been injured and was taken to the hospital, and Tan Jiao was taking care of him. Fortunately, Shen Shiyan led someone to arrive in time, and he was also chasing the robbers. Wu Yu couldn’t help holding Tan Jiao’s hand to express his gratitude. Tan Jiao’s heart beat faster, and he quickly found a reason to buy something for Tan Jiao. At the same time, he also sent a message to Zhuang Yu, asking her to help bring the clothes to the hospital.

Tan Jiao personally fed Wu Yu, Tan Jiao had an uncomfortable nose, Wu Yu suddenly sprayed with medicine, causing Tan Jiao to sneeze, when Tan Jiao was saying it was really comfortable, Zhuang Yu came, and through the curtain, he thought they were two Do something intimate. As a result, I opened the curtain and realized that I was thinking too much.

As soon as Wu Yu got up, the red-necked tern flew over to deliver the letter. Tan Jiao came in while Wu Yu was reading the contents of the note. He put the note in his pocket and reminded Tan Jiao not to participate in the investigation in the future. Tan Jiao suddenly felt that Wu Yu was simply a split personality, but Wu Yu did not want Tan Jiao to fall into endless darkness. The note warned Wu Yu not to continue the investigation, otherwise he would lose his most important thing. Since meeting Tan Jiao, she has become the most important person in his heart, and he can no longer put Tan Jiao in danger.

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