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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 5 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 5 Recap

After Jiaojiao praised Nan Xing, she also praised Xiao Wudi. She didn’t expect her to have such a handsome neighbor. Xiao Wudi pretended to take Nanxing to dinner, but actually wanted to transform her. Nan Xing changed his clothes, feeling that he was not used to it at all.

Xiao Wudi felt that something was missing, so she changed her hairstyle and took her on a blind date. After Nanxing’s transformation, she is popular with men on the dating website, but she just wants to go home. Xiao Wudi threatened her that if she didn’t have a blind date, she would tell Nan Xing’s mother who she was.

Nan Xing had to bite the bullet and have a blind date, but every blind date was unsatisfactory. After interviewing several people, she really wanted to leave the scene quickly, but Ye Qing just arranged for her to go to Lu Zichen’s house to get the manuscript, but Xiao Wudi couldn’t stop her.

Nan Xing went to Lu Zichen’s house and entered according to the password given by Ye Qing. No one answered after shouting a few times. She only went upstairs to find Lu Zichen, but was frightened by the weird writing atmosphere. When she was about to leave with the manuscript, she found that there seemed to be someone in the bathroom next to her, and saw Lu Zichen lying motionless in the bathtub. She subconsciously called for help, and summoned Xiao Wudi again.

Xiao Wudi looked at the situation. It turned out that Lu Zichen was overtired and temporarily fell asleep in the bathtub, and the blood-like liquid on his body was only the color of rose bath salt. Xiao Wudi gave Lu Zichen a few needles, and Lu Zichen woke up, saying that he was over-Qi and blood. Nan Xing saw Lu Zichen, embarrassed and sick again, her legs were numb, she could only talk to Lu Zichen at the top of her throat. Xiao Wudi felt that she was strange and thought she liked Lu Zichen.

Nan Xing quibble, saying that he is just a reader of Lu Zichen. She deliberately molested Xiao Wudi, Xiao Wudi felt his heart beat faster and seemed to be attracted by Nanxing, but he doubted his feelings.

On the way home, Xiao Wudi was silent, and Nan Xing thought his actions scared him. Xiao Wudi wanted to see Lu Zichen’s works, and planned to make new arrangements for Nan Xin, promising not to take her on a blind date.

Nanxing’s mother wants to match the two of them, thinking that they have a relationship. Nan Xing wanted to return the remodeled clothes, but was called by Xiao Wudi to go inside. According to Lu Zichen’s works, Xiao Wudi analyzed that the woman he likes is the image of the heroine Su Yu in the work, and this image happens to be very similar to Ye Qing.

Xiao Wudi thought that a woman with high IQ and EQ like Su Yu had nothing to do with Nan Xing. But he can help her transform and disguise. Nan Xing thought that Xiao Wudi was incredible, and hurriedly left to go shopping with Sisi. Sisi comforts Nan Xing, and she is frustrated in the workplace and is proud. Nan Xing is not liked by the boss in the company, but maybe she has other good luck.

Nanxing’s mother brought food to Xiao Wudi, and she felt that Xiao Wudi was very similar to her son. It turned out that Nan Xing’s mother lived opposite Nan Xing and his father’s house with her son, and they kept in touch with each other, but before the relationship was confirmed, a fire accident happened. She lost her son and Nan Xing lost his father, so she regarded Nan Xing as her own daughter. . Xiao Wudi learned that the house he lived in was the one that Nan Xing and his father lived in before, it was very important, and he couldn’t sleep all night.

Nan Xing gave Xiao Wudi the money back for the clothes, standing at the door full of psychological drama. Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing liked him, but Nan Xing deliberately said that he had someone he liked to prevent Xiao Wudi from helping her chase Lu Zichen. Xiao Wudi confesses to Nan Xing that he wants to associate with her.

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