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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 4 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 4 Recap

The two came to Fairy Springs again. Xiao Wudi analyzed the law of these summons. What really matters was not the state of Nan Xing at that time, but that she needed a perfect boyfriend. Nan Xing was nervous and forced to express his wish. Xiao Wudi was angry and accused her of talking nonsense, causing him to stay in the modern age and unable to go back.

Nan Xing didn’t understand how he didn’t deserve love if he didn’t fight or rob. Xiao Wudi was furious, and with his personality, he would never help her resolve her relationship. However, when he saw the modern survival guide Nanxing made for him, he was touched by the slightest in his heart. Nan Xing was drinking suffocating wine alone, the sky suddenly rained heavily, and Xiao Wudi appeared in front of her with an umbrella.

Nan Xing thought that Xiao Wudi was here to make fun of him again, and pretended to be strong and wanted to go home by himself. Xiao Wudi stood in front of her and said that he would give her unforgettable love. Nan Xing thought that Xiao Wudi wanted to fall in love with him, but found that he thought too much. Xiao Wudi meant to help her find a boyfriend, so that even if the task was completed, he might be able to go back sooner.

Nan Xing felt very ashamed, and deliberately said that he had no shortage of boys to pursue. The two were fighting and preparing to go home, and met Nan Xing’s mother at the door. Nan Xing said casually, introducing Xiao Wudi to Nan Xing’s mother, saying that he was Sisi’s cousin. Nanxing’s mother made a table of food and invited Xiao Wudi to come to the house for dinner.

Nanxing’s mother likes Xiao Wudi very much and inquires about his identity and work. Xiao Wudi said that he helped others solve love affairs, and Nan Xing’s mother understood that she was a blind date consultant. After Xiao Wudi left, Nan Xing’s mother supported Nan Xing and let her seize the opportunity of Xiao Wudi, thinking that Nan Xing was interested in Xiao Wudi, otherwise she would not rent the house opposite to him.

Xiao Wudi made an appointment with Nan Xing to go to her school to find a love double. When he saw Nan Xing’s situation, he felt that he could not go back. Sisi came over to chat up Xiao Wudi, revealing that Nan Xing was single from the mother’s womb, Xiao Wudi looked disgusted, and was more certain of his own thoughts. He realized that it was too difficult to find someone for Nan Xing, and it was an impossible task.

Nan Xing didn’t want to keep Xiao Wudi, and asked him to work hard to find a way to never let him stay. Xiao Wudi thought that Nan Xing was hopeless and had to figure out a way by himself. Nan Xing went to the office ahead of time, eagerly prepared flowers for everyone, and wanted to perform well in the company. But her colleagues were not optimistic about her, thinking that Lu Zichen would definitely fire her.

Lu Zichen came to the company and bumped into the clumsy Nan Xing. Nan Xing was speechless when he saw Lu Zichen. Lu Zichen asked Ye Qing to ask questions, and made it clear that he did not like an assistant like Nan Xing. Ye Qing said that if Nanxing did not improve in a week, she would be fired. Lu Zichen inquired about Ye Qing’s boyfriend and learned that the two met through golf.

Nan Xing felt that she was too embarrassed just now and wanted to take the initiative to find a topic, but when Lu Zichen appeared, what she said made her want to dig into the ground. After a whole day in the office, Nan Xing was a little scared. He accidentally hit Lu Zichen, worried that he would be fired. Colleagues pretended to comfort her, saying that it would be nice to stay for a day.

Xiao Wudi thought about Nanxing’s dress and thought that it was necessary to give Nanxing a big makeover. Nan Xing went to work to deliver breakfast to Xiao Wudi and wanted to peek at his mobile phone, but was stopped by Xiao Wudi.

When Nan Xing came to the company, he listened to his colleagues talking about his beating his boss yesterday. She was in a hurry and asked Jiaojiao to arrange work for herself. Jiaojiao asked her to go to the warehouse to move the boxes. Nan Xing saw that the warehouse was too messy and couldn’t help tidying it all up. Jiaojiao praised her after seeing it. At this time, Xiao Wudi came to the company.

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