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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 9 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 9 Recap

After searching around, Lu Lingfeng found in a room that Liu Shiba was burning people’s heads, and the people who were burning were Yu Duwei and Cui Wuji. Last night, Pei Xijun lived in the upper left room and did not hear any movement. Su Wuming asked how Liu Shiba killed and where the bodies of Yu Duwei and others are now. Liu Shiba said that the reason why he killed was because they killed his little white, the white giant python.

Until this time, Liu Shiba didn’t know that the white giant python was killed by Lu Lingfeng. In order to find out the traces of everyone left, Su Wuming asked Liu Shiba to let go, but Liu Shiba’s whistle summoned countless people. python. Under the persuasion of Pei Xijun and Su Wuming, Lu Lingfeng led the evacuation and handed Liu Shiba to the county magistrate Su for investigation. Afterwards, Wuming Su said goodbye to Captain Su County, and agreed that Pei Xijun would go south with them to Nanzhou to take up his post.

Several people arranged to travel together, and finally came to Nanzhou, where they took office. Su Wuming brought everyone to the prefect mansion to meet Xiong Qiannian, the prefect of Nanzhou. The name, but also because he was arranged by the princess. Xiong Millennium hosted a banquet to entertain everyone, and Master Fei came in a hurry. Fei Jishi arrived half a month early to inform the governor of Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng’s identities and origins, and was kindly entertained by the governor.

Pei Xijun rejected the invitation of the governor and brought Xue Huan to the Sima Mansion. In order to express his gratitude to Xue Huan, he wanted to accompany Xue Huan to eat the first meal from Nanzhou in person. Xue Huan followed Pei Xijun all the way, and seeing Su Wuming’s erudition and Lu Lingfeng’s loyalty and bravery, his trip was well worth it. Hearing that Xue Huan admired Lu Lingfeng’s martial arts, Pei Xijun said that he helped him prepare the apprenticeship ceremony and let him go to learn art from Lu Lingfeng as a teacher.

During the banquet, Wuming Su inquired about the whereabouts of his old friend Yan Yuanfu. Seven days ago, Yan Yuanfu died of illness, and today the three sons of Nanzhou mourned for him. The tea ceremony Gaoshi Zhong Boqi held the coffin for him, Guqin Shengshou Lu Gongfu played the qin for him, and the poet Leng Ji threw paper money for him.

Qin master Lin Bao stopped the road and wanted to apprentice Lu Gongfu. He was already apprenticing for the ninth time, but in such a situation, how could Lu Gongfu agree to accept the apprentice and order someone to drive him away. Lu Gongfu told Lin Bao that the reason why he did not want to accept him as a disciple was not because he had played in a brothel, but because he had no talent at all. Lin Bao suffered such a humiliation in public, and he held a grudge, and he was determined to avenge this revenge.

Su Wuming came with the governor, wanting to take the old friend for a ride. He parted with Yan Yuanfu in Chang’an, and he never thought that it would be a goodbye forever. The prefect said that when he heard Yan Yuanfu’s proud emotion, the reason why he abandoned Chang’an and returned to Nanzhou was that the four sons of Nanzhou advanced and retreated together, and they were indispensable. Some people also painted the four sons of Nanzhou into the painting, which is called “Stone Bridge Map”. “Stone Bridge” was collected by the owner of the restaurant, Ouyang Quan.

Nanzhou businessman Ouyang Quan has always regarded Yan Yuanfu as a confidant, and has always wanted to join the four sons of Nanzhou in the name of Jiuxian, but he has not been able to achieve his wish, and now he has to worship Yan Yuanfu at home. Lu Li has always wanted to buy “Stone Bridge Map”, but Ouyang Quan has always refused. Lu Li thinks that Nanzhou has only one and a half treasures, “Shiqiao Tu” is a treasure, and the other half is the Three Kingdoms Guqin in Lu Gongfu’s hands.

Pei Xijun gave them the back portraits of Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng, and Su Wuming was full of praise for this painting. Pei Xijun then chose a knife to give to Lu Lingfeng. Lu Lingfeng was reluctant to accept the gift, so he had to accept the gift temporarily under the ridicule of Fei Jishi and Su Wuming.

At night, Lu Lingfeng took out the matching knife to practice martial arts. Xue Huan peeked and was discovered. Lu Lingfeng asked to know that the other party wanted to learn martial arts, but he thought that he had no great ambitions and was not worthy of himself as a teacher.

However, Xue Huan said that those who are too ambitious may be waste all their lives, and those who can live with the situation are amazing people. Xue Huan accused Lu Lingfeng of being arrogant, looking down on everything in Nanzhou, and having no ambitions. Xue Huan’s remarks surprised Lu Lingfeng and decided to accept him as his apprentice to teach him martial arts.

The prefect Xiong Qiannian was embarrassed because of Lu Lingfeng’s identity and did not know what official duties should be arranged for him. Su Wuming said that Lu Lingfeng came with him just to temper and let the prefect arrange at will. The Inspector indicated that Nanzhou’s current judicial army for arresting thieves is vacant, and Lu Lingfeng can temporarily take his place.

Lu Lingfeng was worried that he would be implicated by the governor after his guilt was discovered. Wuming Su used the case too much, and he could not let Lu Lingfeng replace him temporarily, and expressed his willingness to take the responsibility in the future. Lu Lingfeng agreed to take the post, but hoped that Su Wuming would send Pei Xijun back to Chang’an.

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