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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 8 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Duwei temporarily locked Pei Xijun in the room, and ordered the soldiers outside the door to leave when he was optimistic. Yu Duwei’s subordinates wanted to catch chickens for food, and Liu Shiba came out to block them, but he alone could not stop the soldiers from catching chickens and slaughtering them.

Pei Xijun was locked in the room and wanted to try to escape, but Lu Lingfeng appeared and accused her of how a woman could escape Chang’an at will. Pei Xijun was very happy to see Lu Lingfeng, but in a blink of an eye, he saw a giant python attacking the two of them. The python fought and finally killed the python silently.

Liu Shiba told Yu Duwei that the upper right room could not be occupied, because the post house was closed because of the haunting. But Yu Duwei did not believe this, and insisted on staying in the post house. Lu Lingfeng took Pei Xijun out of the room, and by the way rescued Xue Huan who was bound. Qinghe Cui Wuji came to stay in the inn. Although he met Yu Duwei and others who were eating in the hall, he did not say much, but reminded the other party not to disturb his rest at night.

Although Cui Wuji was only the county magistrate of the Eighth Grade, he was the Cui Clan of Qinghe, and he was proud of the Tang clan. Cui Wuji also wanted to live in the upper right, and he was not afraid of rumors of ghosts and let Liu Shiba lead the way to the upper right.

After Xue Huan was rescued, he thanked Lu Lingfeng for his life-saving grace. Lu Lingfeng was worried about Pei Xijun’s safety, and only wanted Xue Huan to bring Pei Xijun back to Chang’an, but Pei Xijun said that she would never leave unless Lu Lingfeng personally sent him back to Chang’an.

Su Wuming, who woke up from the dream, was sweating profusely, and was terrified of what happened in the dream. Su Wuming saw that there was no Lu Lingfeng in the room, and went out to look for someone. He thought that Lu Lingfeng was in the hall, but found that there were only Yu Duwei and others in the hall.

Yu Duwei heard that Su Wuming once worked in Chang’an County, and invited him to drink and inquire about the latest rumors of Chang’an’s style. Lu Lingfeng went back to the room and did not find Su Wuming, and then found that Su Wuming even accompanied Yu Duwei to drink. He wanted to vent his anger on Pei Xijun and killed Yu Duwei.

Su Wuming heard that Yu Duwei was holding Pei Xijun hostage and wanted to do something wrong to her. Listening to the captain’s sophistry that they were saving people, Su Wuming had no choice but to imply that Lu Lingfeng should not act on his temper. With his reconciliation, Lu Lingfeng was willing to give up killing for the time being.

The reason why Yu Duwei was willing to put things aside and tolerate Lu Lingfeng was because he was afraid that Cui Wuji upstairs would hear about it and that it would ruin his future. Seeing that Wuming Su took Lu Lingfeng away, Captain Yu took someone upstairs to deal with Cui Wuji, but when he went upstairs, he found that there was no one in the room. Su Wuming went back to the room to see Pei Xijun and Xue Huan, saying that this inn was different and wanted to leave with everyone.

At this time, Duwei Yu brought someone here and wanted to check Su Wuming’s official certificate of Sima in Nanzhou. Su Wuming believed that the other party had no right to check his own official certificate. But Captain Yu immediately framed Lu Lingfeng as a fugitive, and ordered his soldiers to shoot arrows to kill everyone in the room.

Fortunately, Lu Lingfeng was responsive and pushed everyone away. Lu Lingfeng arranged for Su Wuming and Xue Huan to protect Pei Xijun in the room, and he rushed out of the room to fight Yu Duwei. Although Lu Lingfeng is brave and good at fighting, but he has injuries on his body, and it is difficult to fight against the opponent’s wheel tactics.

Pei Xijun rushed out of the room and was held hostage, expressing that he didn’t want to see everyone kill each other, let alone see the person he loved dying in front of his eyes. Pei Xijun said that he was from the Pei clan in Hedong and was the daughter of Pei Jian, the minister of personnel.

Pei Xijun said that he escaped from the marriage and wanted to run away with Lu Lingfeng, but who knew that Lu Lingfeng did not have him in his heart, and also said that Lu Lingfeng was interested in the money of the Pei family. Pei Xijun said that his father, Pei Jian, was in charge of the dispatch and appointment of officials.

If Captain Yu did not want to continue training troops in various states and wanted to stay in the capital, he had better escort him back to Beijing early tomorrow. Yu Duwei was so moved by this, he believed Pei Xijun’s words in his heart, and promised to let Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng leave.

After Su Wuming took Lu Lingfeng out of the inn, he asked Lu Lingfeng to take away the white horse reporter at the door. It turned out that seeing Lu Lingfeng fighting everyone before, Su Wuming was afraid that Lu Lingfeng, who was wronged in the capital, would open the killing ring, and then he would not have a chance to turn back, so he let Pei Xijun use his identity to contain Yu Duwei, so that they would have the opportunity to report to the official. Su Wuming said that Yu Duwei had kidnapped a woman before Pei Xijun and threw the woman off a cliff.

As long as they report to the officials and expose Yu Duwei’s evil deeds in the eyes of the officers and soldiers, then Lu Lingfeng will be able to convict Yu Duwei when he captures him alive. Su Wuming said that he went to report to the official, and Lu Lingfeng lurked here to protect Pei Xijun.

Early the next morning, Su Wuming came with Gantang County Su County Wei. Several people did as instructed and led them into the post house, but found that in the post house, except for Pei Xi’s lord and servants, everyone else had disappeared.

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