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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 11 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 11 Recap

After coming out of Ouyang Quan’s mansion, Pei Xijun thought that Ouyang Quan was lying, because the Persians who did business in Datang were famous for tasting and buying jewelry, and very few were interested in painting and calligraphy.

At this time, Xue Huan came to report that Lu Lingfeng had solved the case, Su Wuming took Pei Xijun back to the house, and Lu Lingfeng stated the case, saying that Lu Gongfu was killed, and the murderer was the violinist Lin Bao. Later, Lu Lingfeng asked people to bring Zhong Boqi and Leng Ji, and asked them to confront the assassin in black. The two did not deny that they hired an assassin to kidnap Lin Bao and wanted to make Lin Bao apologize in private.

That day, Lu Gongfu died violently. Zhong Boqi learned from Leng Ji that his friend was killed by someone. On the same day, he found Lu Gongfu drinking in the middle of the night and accidentally discovered that he was dead. In order to preserve the reputation of Nanzhou’s four sons, he concealed Lu Gongfu’s death. Lu Gongfu and Fuqin disappeared. The two guessed that the murderer was killing for Qin.

They guessed that it might be Lin Bao, who had been belittled by Lu Gongfu before, so he hired bad people to take revenge. Because Zhong Boqi and Leng Ji are celebrities in Nanzhou, and they are the face of Nanzhou, Xiong Inspector is unwilling to punish them severely, and Lu Lingfeng is willing to give Inspector’s face to acquit them.

Wuming Su thought it was too early for Lu Lingfeng to conclude that Lin Bao was the murderer. Wuming Su interrogated Lin Bao and learned that the time when Lin Bao sneaked into Lu Gongfu’s yard was just past the ugly time, and when he assassinated Lu Gongfu with a dagger, Lu Gong There was no response. Su Wuming concluded that Lu Gongfu was killed by a dagger after his death, while Lu Lingfeng was too conceited, and did not conduct an autopsy from beginning to end, but only regressed the case after catching Lin Bao.

Lu Lingfeng performed an autopsy again under the reminder of Su Wuming, and determined that Lu Gongfu was strangled to death through something. Then the catcher came to report that Ouyang Quan had gone to Juzhenxuan, and then the owner of Juzhenxuan, Lu Li, left with two boxes, one of which was the Three Kingdoms Guqin. Su Wuming thought that to solve the case, one picture and one piano were crucial, and ordered Lu Ling to recover quickly.

Lu Lingfeng took Xue Huan and others to chase people, and finally after a fight, he successfully brought back Lu Li and Yitu and Yiqin. Su Wuming interrogated Lu Li. Lu Li said that he did not kill anyone. The reason why he was in a hurry to return to the capital was to sell a picture and a piano for a good price before the news of Lu Gongfu’s death reached Chang’an. He also confessed that “Shiqiao Tu” was his It was bought from Ouyang Quan for 30,000 yuan.

At that time, Ouyang Quan said that the painting was splashed with water and that he had repaired it, so he was willing to resell it for 30,000 yuan. Under the pressure of Lu Lingfeng, Lu Li admitted that the Guqin of the Three Kingdoms was stolen by himself, and that day he came out of the fraternity and passed the Lugongfu yard, and he stole the guqin by the way when there was no answer in the courtyard. After investigation, Lu Li was indeed Yin Shi leaving from Xianghao Mi’s house.

As the case became more and more complicated, Su Wuming unexpectedly thought in Lu Lingfeng’s words that he could reveal the cause of Lu Gongfu’s death to the public and reward those who provided clues. Sure enough, as soon as the announcement came out, a beggar said that he had entered Lu Gongfu’s yard to beg for food that night, and accidentally saw Lu Gongfu strangled to death by a monk. Lu Lingfeng quickly led someone to check on the monks related to Lu Gongfu, Su Wuming reminded him that he must pay attention to the details, and the details are the key to the investigation.

In the Sima Mansion, Pei Xijun admired Zhang Xuan’s masterpiece “Stone Bridge” and thought that Ouyang Quan had deceived Lu Li. The painting is not contaminated by water stains, but uses rubble and bamboo to cover up the running people in the painting. Later, Pei Xijun also personally drew the person in the painting that he guessed, and the person in the painting was obviously Ouyang Quan. Su Wuming guessed that Ouyang Quan wanted to use this method, but he wished to become the fifth son.

Su Wuming and others came to Ouyang Quan’s mansion again. Su Wuming pointed out that Ouyang Quan did not sell the painting to a Persian businessman, but to Lu Li. Today, he brought the painting to Ouyang Quan for viewing, and even made up for Pei Xijun.

During the painting exhibition, Ouyang Quan was ecstatic when he saw the place that Pei Xijun had repainted, and was willing to repaint the painting for 150,000 yuan to buy it back. Ouyang Quan’s lifelong obsession is to become the fifth son of Nanzhou, and even said that if Pei Xijun can satisfy his wish, he is willing to plead guilty and obey the law.

Lu Lingfeng asked Ouyang Quan’s banquet person that day, and confirmed that this person had indeed arranged a banquet to dress up as the fourth son of Nanzhou, and had an appointment with him to go to the bamboo forest. Therefore, Wuming Su ruled out Ouyang Quan’s suspicion.

Later, Lu Lingfeng personally went to interrogate the monks related to the case, while Su Wuming visited Zhong Boqi alone and asked him whether Lu Gongfu had enemies before his death, especially monks. Zhong Boqi said that his good friend was withdrawn but never had any enemies, while Leng Ji said that Lu Gong was reborn with compassion, and there were a few monk friends.

Lu Lingfeng interrogated the monks and found that they were all excluded from suspicion. Su Wuming reported to the governor. The case was temporarily deadlocked. The chief of the governor’s office was dissatisfied with Lu Lingfeng’s ability and disrespectful to his words. Su Wuming simply took the opportunity to help Lu Lingfeng resign from the judicial army.

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