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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 10 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 10 Recap

Su Wuming called Pei Xijun to discuss with her about sending her back to Chang’an. Pei Xijun knew that Su Wuming was thinking about her reputation, but she was unwilling to return to Chang’an. Su Wuming changed his mouth and did not want to go with Lu Lingfeng’s wishes, but he thought of a way to solve it. This problem is a bit high on Pei Xijun.

On the other hand, Lu Lingfeng presented Xue Huan with an unbladed saber, and taught him martial arts carefully. The next day, Xiong Xiong came to Sima Mansion to congratulate him. He happened to meet Lu Lingfeng returning home. Lu Lingfeng didn’t understand what was happening in Sima Mansion. He thought that the banquet was for Pei Xijun to practice. siblings.

Lu Lingfeng thought that Su Wuming’s move was to cling to Pei Jian and pave the way for the future, Su Wuming did not explain much. Today’s double happiness is coming, Su Wuming and Pei Xijun have become righteous brothers and sisters, Lu Lingfeng has accepted Xue Huan, and there is the presence of Xiong Shishi as a witness. Except for Lu Lingfeng’s slight dissatisfaction, everyone is very happy.

After the banquet, Xiong Xiong was drinking tea with Su Wuming and others, but heard that someone from the provincial government came to report that Qin Shenglugong had died of illness last night. A group of them rushed to express their condolences, met Ouyang Quan at the gate of the mansion, and left. Listening to what Zhong Boqi said, since Yan Yuanfu passed away, Lu Gongfu has been overwhelmed with mourning and died of heartache last night.

Lu Lingfeng thought that there must be something strange about Lu Gongfu’s sudden death. Lu Lingfeng wanted to open the coffin for an autopsy to find out the cause of death, but Leng Ji didn’t want to disturb the deceased brother to obstruct this move, and then he even opened his mouth to see off the guests.

Both Xiong Shishi and the chief officials felt that Lu Lingfeng’s request to open the coffin for an autopsy was too sudden. Although Su Wuming knew that there must be a reason for this, he also reminded Lu Lingfeng that he should inform everyone, so that the case can be trusted in the future. Then Su Wuming also pointed out the strangeness of Lugong Fuqin’s disappearance. On the other side, the businessman Lu Li got half of the precious guqin, and he was determined to win the other precious “Stone Bridge”.

Because Ouyang Quan has always wanted to join the fourth son of Nanzhou and wanted to become one of the five sons of Nanzhou, he did not join because of his low status as a businessman. Lu Lingfeng brought him to the prison for questioning, but later investigation found that Lu Gongfu died that night. He has been in the mansion, and there are many witnesses. Lu Lingfeng dispelled the suspicion and let him go, but also arranged for the catcher to follow him at any time.

In the middle of the night, Su Wuming asked Master Fei Ji and Pei Xijun to help him. Several people came to Lugong to restore the mourning hall. Lu Gongfu, who had died suddenly from heartache, had obvious scars on his chest.

Lu Lingfeng investigates and finds out that Lin Bao and Lu Gongfu are suspected of death. After all, Lu Gongfu refused to accept apprentices in public before, denying the other party’s talent and making him ashamed and angry. Lu Lingfeng arranged for Xue Huan to go to the brothel to meet Lin Bao to capture Lin Bao. Lin Bao came to the brothel and wanted to leave with the girl he liked.

Xue Huan showed up to arrest someone. Lin Bao resisted and left. Waiting for someone to chase, the man in black simply gave up and left. Xue Huan was a little inexperienced. Fortunately, Lu Lingfeng arrived in time. Under the oral guidance of his master, Lu Lingfeng, Xue Huan successfully captured Lin Bao and returned to the county government.

After some intimidation, Lin Bao truthfully revealed his whereabouts. That day, when he failed to apprenticeship, he lost face. Lin Bao sneaked into Lu Gongfu’s house late at night to take revenge on him, and stabbed a knife into Lu Gongfu’s heart while he was sleeping.

But after killing the man, he fled in a hurry and did not take the guqin with him. Afterwards, Lu Lingfeng interrogated the arrested man in black. The man in black said that he was employed by Zhong Boqi and Leng Ji. He wanted to capture Lin Bao and deal with him in Lugong Fuling Hall five days later.

Lu Lingfeng didn’t return overnight, and Pei Xijun was worried. Wuming Su saw that his sister-in-law cared about Lu Lingfeng, and couldn’t help but ridicule a few words. Afterwards, Wuming Su took Pei Xijun to Ouyang Quan’s mansion, wanting to see “Stone Bridge”, but Ouyang Quan told them that they had sold the painting yesterday to a Persian businessman who thought he was going to Luoyang via Nanzhou.

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