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My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 1 Recap

Do you believe in parallel time and space? Believe that there is another you in another world who is going through hardships that you have never endured? Or indulge in the happiness that you have never had before. If there are countless yourself in the universe, then what is the eternal thing? Dark Cloud Meets Jiaoyue is the new work of online novelist Tan Jiao, and her season of collecting wind will begin next. Signing up for diving is her first stop.

In the ocean world, watching the fish swim past, Tan Jiao suddenly felt a little strange and wanted to go upstream, but he couldn’t move no matter what, and his body kept sinking. Tan Jiao has written countless love stories, but he has never met his own. But on this day, when he was about to sink, a man in a diving suit came to his side and rescued her.

Tan Jiao woke up and opened his eyes, and found that he had fallen asleep in the room. He thought she was on the boat now, but it was just a dream. At this time, the phone rang, and her mother called to remind Tan Jiao to hurry over to eat. Tan Jiao, who had just washed his face, suddenly found that the weather was particularly dry. Everything in the room was dry, and the towels were not soft at all. The green plants in the house also withered. I went downstairs to drive to leave, but found that the car was covered with sand and dust. I thought it was a huge sandstorm.

Tan Jiao came to his mother’s store. Zhuang Yu, his good sister who is also a novelist, was already waiting in the store. Zhuang Yu’s new hairstyle caught Tan Jiao’s attention, but Zhuang Yu said that he had already changed his hairstyle, and instead blamed Tan. Jiao never paid attention to her. At this time, the news on TV interviewed Shen Shiyan, nicknamed Shen Mutou, who had a blind date with Tan Jiao before. Tan Jiao told Zhuang Yu that he had a dream about the man who rescued her on the boat. Zhuang Yu teased that she still remembered what happened to Tan Jiao after so long, but Tan Jiao thought it just happened a few days ago. After being rescued at that time, the man was still afraid that Tan Jiao would miss the beautiful scenery from now on, so he kept comforting him, but Tan Jiao didn’t care.

There was a problem with Tan Jiao’s tires. When she went to the repair shop, she actually met the man who saved her, Wu Yu. After that dive, the relationship between the two took a step closer. Wu Yu seemed to be a prophet. Humorous and humorous, he is still a top student in Jinghai’s doctoral program, and he also told Tan Jiao’s story about Wu Yunyu, but the Wu Yu he saw at this time did not seem to know Tan Jiao in front of him, and his face was indifferent.

Another young apprentice, Xiaohua, kept recommending Tan Jiao to apply for a card, and said that as long as she recharged 1,000, she could appoint a car mechanic. In order to allow Wu Yu to repair her car, Tan Jiao successfully recharged the card and also offered to keep each other. Looking at the contact information, but Wu Yu in front of him looked unfamiliar at all, and Tan Jiao began to doubt whether Wu Yu was the person he saw.

As soon as Tan Jiao left, Xiaohua exclaimed and forgot to give the invoice, but Wu Yu knew that until he had given the invoice and put it in the back seat, Xiaohua began to suspect that the two must know each other.

When Tan Jiao came to the repair shop again, her ankle was accidentally injured, and Wu Yu took the initiative to help apply medicine. All these made Tan Jiao feel that this man was familiar and unfamiliar. In order to investigate clearly, she went to the cruise ship at that time. The company consulted and wanted to check whether there was any information about Wu Yu, but met Wu Yu again here. Tan Jiao asked Wu Yu if he had been to that cruise three weeks ago, but Wu Yu told Tan Jiao that the distance from him to the cruise had passed. one Year. Only then did Tan Jiao turn on his mobile phone and found that the date was indeed 2022.

On the way back to her home in a state of despair, she was still thinking about what happened just now. She didn’t notice that a masked man in black stood on the rooftop and dropped a piece of glass, almost injuring Tan Jiao. Wu Yu happened to appear and pull Tan Jiao aside. Tan Jiao asked who the man in front of him was, and got a silent answer. Tan Jiao returned home in a panic, checked Weibo and the novel and found that he had not updated it for a year.

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