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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 3 Recap

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 3 Recap

When Nan Xing was in despair, he saw a figure in the distance, Xiao Wudi appeared and knocked down the bad guy. When the police car called, Xiao Wudi looked at Nan Xing and quickly left the scene.

Lu Zichen prepares a birthday present for Ye Qing, but unexpectedly meets Ye Qing in the restaurant. Ye Qing was having dinner with her boyfriend Song Jiaming, and Lu Zichen was disappointed, watching Song Jiaming put a necklace on Ye Qing, he just wanted to leave the restaurant.

The police made a note for Nan Xing. Nan Xing deliberately did not reveal Xiao Wudi’s identity. The police said that they would help her find this person. Nan Xing was helpless, wondering why Xiao Wudi appeared again. When she got home, she found Xiao Wudi in her own home.

The pocket of cash on the ground startled Nan Xing. Nan Xing thought that Xiao Wudi had robbed the bank, but he didn’t expect that he was just his own jade card. Xiao Wudi said that at present, he has no identity in modern times and will not easily attract the attention of the police.

Nan Xing thanked Xiao Wudi for appearing. Xiao Wudi said that he appeared because he heard Nan Xing’s call again. Nan Xing believed that this was Xiao Wudi protecting himself and wanted to do whatever he wanted. Xiao Wudi guessed her thoughts and told her not to cause trouble for herself.

Nan Xing helped Xiao Wudi find a new residence, just across from his house. I hope he will not show up at will, especially in front of Nan Xing’s mother. Xiao Wudi made a condition that Nanxing would prepare a smartphone for himself, and he would study how to go back to ancient times. Nan Xing was surprised by Xiao Wudi’s IQ, it turned out that he was an unforgettable genius.

Xiao Wudi saw that Nan Xing was afraid of fire and asked her why she was afraid of fire. Nanxing said that he encountered a fire in middle school, which caused sequelae, and he would lose control when he saw an open fire. Modern doctors can’t cure it, just keep it out of sight.

Nanxing video chats with her mother, and her mother is happy for her. Xiao Wudi got the new phone, saw that the phone case was too kawaii, and tore it off violently. Nan Xing was about to go to work, remembering that Xiao Wudi had not eaten breakfast, she broke into Xiao Wudi’s room and was kicked out by Xiao Wudi.

Nanxing went to X Culture to report and met Jiaojiao and other colleagues, and Jiaojiao brought her to familiarize herself with the office environment. Ye Qing chatted with Nan Xing privately and encouraged her to be the assistant to the president, believing that she could do better than herself. Nan Xing learned that Lu Zichen treats people gently, but there is one thing, if he is not satisfied with the assistant, he will be fired directly. Nanxing felt the pressure, and she found that the assistant to the president was not easy.

Seeing that everyone else was busy, Nan Xing had a whole day of free time. The new colleague greeted her mainly because she was strong and wanted her to help move books. Nan Xing was unaware and wanted to find Sisi to celebrate. Sisi couldn’t accompany her for something, so Nan Xing went to a restaurant to eat alone and ordered a table of dishes. Seeing that the couple next to her were greasy and crooked, she thought that someone could wipe her mouth for her, but she did not expect to summon Xiao Wudi to the restaurant.

Xiao Wudi was speechless Nanxing, not just wanting someone to help wipe his mouth, he even asked himself to come over. Xiao Wudi turned around and wanted to leave the restaurant, but he couldn’t move for some reason. Xiao Wudi was forced to go to Nan Xing and wipe her mouth so that he could move freely.

Xiao Wudi hurriedly left and took a taxi home alone. He was thinking about the law of being summoned all the way. Nan Xing took the bus alone, thinking about Xiao Wudi, but unexpectedly, Xiao Wudi was summoned again. Xiao Wudi had to sit down and accompany her.

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