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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 7 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 7 Recap

Lu Lingfeng knew that Guo Zhuang came from a poor family, and joining Jinwuwei was a matter of honor and honor, and he was a loyal and brave person. Sooner or later, he would make great achievements in the future. Lu Lingfeng persuaded Guo Zhuang to return to Chang’an, and thanked him for sending him off last night. Guo Zhuang gave Lu Lingfeng the entanglement of his brothers to relieve his urgent need.

Su Wuming took Su Qian to Nanzhou to take office. Wuming wanted the old servant Su Qian to leave quickly, but Su Qian died to protect him. And Su Wuming was also no match for Injuro. Injuro said that he started performing arts in elementary school just to fill his stomach, and then he lived in the rivers and lakes, half human and half ghost. After meeting the fairy, he let him live happily in the ghost market.

The immortal also promised that if he could make a fortune with Chang’an black tea, he would be named the king of the ghost market by the Ming sage. Now that everything was destroyed, he naturally wanted to kill Su Wuming to vent his hatred. Seeing that Su Wuming was almost killed, Lu Lingfeng came to rescue Su Wuming at a critical moment. Although Lu Lingfeng was injured, he finally succeeded in beating Injuro.

After Lu Lingfeng helped Wuming Su in the burial of Su Qian, he thought that it was Wuming Su who went straight to Sima in Nanzhou from Bapin County. Su Wuming, Fei Jishi tried his best to stop Lu Lingfeng, who was arrogant. Su Wuming said that he couldn’t explain it all, but the truth will be revealed sooner or later as time goes by. There may be many truths behind the Chang’an Black Tea case that have yet to be found out. Su Wuming hopes that Lu Lingfeng can follow him to take office in Nanzhou.

After all, if Lu Lingfeng, who came from a famous family, returns to his hometown, he will be ridiculed by the clan. Under Su Wuming’s persuasion, Lu Lingfeng agreed to be his private army. After that, Su Wuming, Lu Lingfeng and Fei Jishi traveled to Nanzhou. On the way, Fei Jishi didn’t want to endure the fatigue of walking, and after stealing Lu Lingfeng’s money, he left a letter.

Pei Xijun was locked in the house and saw Xue Huan, a domestic servant who was practicing boxing in the courtyard, and his words tempted him to aspire to make a career and hope that he would bravely lead himself out of Chang’an. Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng encountered a heavy rain on their way.

They wanted to stay at Gantang Post House on the way. The postman in the hotel said that the place was not clean and wanted to stop them from staying. It was obvious that the heavy rain had already fallen, and Lu Lingfeng insisted on staying.

Postman Liu Shiba opened the lock to let the two in, and then prepared food for the two of them. Lu Lingfeng was picky about Liu Shiba in every possible way, and he disliked the poor food, and also disliked not living in the upper room, and finally agreed to live in the wing room after Su Wuming’s reconciliation. Before leaving, Liu Shiba reminded them not to stay anywhere except the upper right room.

Because of Liu Shiba’s demeaning of Lu Lingfeng inside and outside the words, the arrogant Lu Lingfeng was even more angry, and he was unwilling to eat the dumplings prepared by Liu Shiba. Back in the dormitory, Su Wuming brought out the vegetable dumplings and gave them to Lu Lingfeng, trying to persuade him to eat enough. However, Lu Lingfeng accidentally heard Liu Shiba eavesdropping outside the door and questioned him, but Liu Shiba said that he was just here to send hot water for washing his feet.

Lu Lingfeng didn’t believe the rumor that the post house was haunted in the middle of the night, so he went out in the middle of the night to investigate. However, Su Wuming, who lived alone in a room, fell into a drowsiness and dreamed of being taken away by Liu Shiba.

Commander of Zhechong, Commander Yu Commander, kidnapped Pei Xi’s master and servant who escaped from Chang’an, and came to Gantangyi in the middle of the night. Commander Yu brought Pei Xijun into the room, and threatened to insult her tonight, which happened to be seen by Lu Lingfeng.

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