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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 6 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 6 Recap

Pei Xijun was too frightened and fainted and was sent back to Fuzhong. After he woke up in Fuzhong, he remembered his experience of being rescued and realized that his Xiao Lang was still alive. Pei Jian had no choice but to tell his daughter that Xiao Bozhao, the real general Xiao, had died in the Western Regions, and that the person his daughter liked was Lu Lingfeng, the general of the middle guard of Jinwu. Now that Lu Lingfeng is locked in Jinwu Prison, Pei Xijun can’t see him for the time being to find out what happened.

His Royal Highness and the princess summoned Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng one after another. When the prince saw Su Wuming, he praised him for cracking the Chang’an black tea case, but denied the first merit of Lu Lingfeng mentioned by Su Wuming, believing that Lu Lingfeng killed the culprit Yuan. Reckless and without merit. On the other side, when Her Royal Highness saw Lu Lingfeng, she saw that he looked like a person, but she also learned from Lu Lingfeng’s mouth that the two did not know each other.

But he wanted to reward Lu Lingfeng with Chang’an black tea. Under the power, Lu Lingfeng had no choice but to drink Chang’an black tea, only to find out that this tea was not a demon tea. The princess said that this was the real Chang’an black tea, and that Yuanlai prepared with the blood of the bride and the magic herb of the Western Regions was a counterfeit product.

Returning to Jinwu Prison, Lu Lingfeng lamented that he had misunderstood the princess before, and learned from Su Wuming’s mouth that the prince did not care much for him, so he couldn’t help being a little disappointed. Afterwards, Her Royal Highness ordered Lu Lingfeng to be released without charge. After Lu Lingfeng was released from prison, he met Pei Xijun who brought his servant Xue Huan to a banquet to invite him.

Lu Lingfeng refused the invitation on the grounds that something was wrong, and then Lu Lingfeng asked to see the prince and wanted to report the investigation details of the Changan black tea case. , but was rejected by the prince on the grounds that things were busy. Lu Lingfeng wondered why he was neglected by the prince. He wanted to buy wine to relieve his worries, but was rejected by the seller on the grounds of curfew.

Su Wuming was also taken out of Jinwu Prison by the princess’s men. In the princess’ mansion, the princess rebuked Su Wuming who was in charge of the Chang’an black tea case, but allowed rumors to spread against the princess’ mansion. The Son of Heaven has ordered Dali Temple to take over the case. In order not to cause panic among the government and the public, the case will not be made public.

And Wen Chao, who joined the army as a private family, was assassinated at home, and the emperor also ordered that no further investigations be carried out. Now that Yuan Lai is dead, the position of Chang’an County magistrate is vacant, the princess is willing to fight for this position for Su Wuming, but hopes that Su Wuming can use it for her in the future. Su Wuming said that he did his best to serve the court and died, and did not directly promise to help the princess. The princess left in anger and ordered Su Wuming to be sent back to Jinwu Prison.

On the other hand, Lu Lingfeng was drunk and returned late, but was assassinated by Eleven Niang on the way. When he was about to follow him to arrest him, Lu Tong, the general of Jinwuwei, was detained again in Jinwu Prison on the grounds of violating the curfew.

Pei Jian, the minister of officials, came to the prison late at night and informed Su Wuming that he was appointed as the Sima of Nanzhou, and he could go south to take office. And this decision was made by the princess, and Su Wuming was not allowed to ride a horse or a car, walk away, and think about something along the way. At the same time, Lu Tong came to convey the will of the emperor, and he was fined 30 times with the stick because Lu Lingfeng violated the curfew.

After Lu Lingfeng was punished, he was sent out of the city by his subordinate Guo Zhuang. Guo Zhuang thought that Lu Tong was jealous of his talents, and he was unwilling to follow Lu Tong against Lu Lingfeng, so he decided to leave with Lu Lingfeng. Jiji Fei dared to come to Lu Lingfeng to ask for a chicken one day that he had promised before. Seeing that Lu Lingfeng was seriously injured, he planned to help him diagnose and treat him, but Lu Lingfeng was disheartened and determined not to treat the injury. Jiji Fei persuaded him that he must be in a situation now. If people are framed, if you want to take revenge, you must treat them well.

Pei Jian came to visit his daughter. Pei Xijun hoped that his father could complete his marriage with Lu Lingfeng, but Pei Jian told him that Lu Lingfeng had been removed from his official position and was driven out of Chang’an. And the reason is because Pei Xijun held a banquet to let Lu Lingfeng drink and break the curfew at night, maybe Lu Lingfeng never wanted to see Pei Xijun again. Pei Jian said that after a while, he would ask the matchmaker to help his daughter find a good match, and during this time, let Pei Xijun stay in the room and not go out.

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