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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 6 Recap

Most of the provincial college sports meeting is in progress, and the finals will soon be ushered in. Shi Yin wanted to cheer on Duan Yucheng, but Duan Yucheng refused to let her go, and motioned to Rona with his eyes to help him, and then Rona made up a reasonable reason, and Shi Yin had to give up. As soon as the two turned around to get into the car, Luo Na made a joke about Duan Yucheng. She could see that Shi Yin liked Duan Yucheng, and Duan Yucheng also knew that she liked him, so she tried every means to not let her go. The athlete wasn’t nervous yet, but Wang Qilin didn’t calm down first. He asked Luo Na to take Duan Yucheng to practice first, so as not to play abnormally on the court. After all, this was his first time participating in such a large-scale competition.

Luo Na believed in Duan Yucheng’s psychological quality, and hoped that Wang Qilin could believe him. The first was the 200-meter final. Wu Ze was obviously nervous. The student he brought, Huang Lin, was the most likely to win the championship. As soon as the starting gun sounded, Wu Ze also pressed the timer in his hand. When the first to cross the finish line, Wu Ze cheered excitedly. Wang Qilin was also very happy, but he was not as happy as Wu Ze. He turned his head to signal to Rona again, and Rona got up and took Duan Yucheng to a place to relax. Jiang Tian didn’t have a competition today, remembering that Dai Yuxia had a competition, so he came to see her, hoping that she could play well and not leave regrets like herself.

Originally, Luo Na took Duan Yucheng to relax, but it turned out that Duan Yucheng took her to the game hall to relax. While they were playing the game, Dai Yuxia competed and won the championship. When Duan Yucheng came to the game in the afternoon, Gao Mingshuo asked him a few words. Duan Yucheng said he remembered it and immediately started the game. He was in very good shape, and the first jump went smoothly. As the game time passed, only Duan Yucheng and Chen Haozhe were left to compete for the championship. One is the champion who has won the three consecutive championships, and the other is the rookie of Nanhu University. In anyone’s opinion, Chen Haozhe should win. In order to make Duan Yucheng retreat despite the difficulties, Chen Haozhe reported 2.06 meters in the next jump.

Gao Mingshuo saw that Duan Yucheng was not only not frightened by Chen Haozhe, but was even full of confidence, so he also asked Duan Yucheng to try 2.06 meters and give it a try. At first, Duan Yucheng was the first to draw the front draw, the first to jump 2.06 meters, he played well, the first to jump the pole, the scene was full of applause, the pressure fell on Chen Haozhe, obviously he underestimated this latecomer. rookie. After all, Chen Haozhe has participated in many large-scale competitions, and he has also jumped 2.06 meters. Rona can see that his jump is much tighter than before. Wu Ze said that he may be due to injury, and he should be trying to take advantage of this. The next opportunity to come back, did not expect to meet a strong enemy.

Duan Yucheng’s competition height came to 2.09 meters. Unexpectedly, Duan Yucheng chose not to jump, and once again transferred the pressure to Chen Haozhe, directly pushing 2.09 meters to the first match point. Chen Haozhe’s strength is still there. He successfully jumped 2.09 meters, and Duan Yucheng’s competition height came to 2.12 meters. This is a height he has never reached or practiced before. The hearts of Lorna and the others were all hanging in their throats. Duan Yucheng 2 meters 12 failed the first try, and Chen Haozhe also failed. In the next second try, neither of them jumped, and the match point came to the third jump again.

Duan Yucheng’s third jump shot rate is very high, this time he skipped again, but Chen Haozhe failed to jump, Duan Yucheng directly won the high jump championship. After the game, everyone crowded around Duan Yucheng, but all he saw in his eyes was the smiling Rona outside the crowd. During the meal, many girls were secretly watching Duan Yucheng. Luo Na said that he was very popular with girls, and Duan Yucheng mumbled something. Rona turned serious. She said that it is best not to fall in love while serving, it would be distracting.

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