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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 5 Recap

Duan Yucheng made the last jump, but did not jump like Liu Shan, and the two ended in a draw. Wang Qilin stood up and said nothing, and directly selected Liu Shan to participate in the competition. Duan Yucheng was very dissatisfied and questioned Wang Qilin loudly to vent his dissatisfaction. After that, he went to lie down on the playground lawn alone, and Rona knew that he had paid a lot for this trial and also knew that he was not reconciled. So she asked Duan Yucheng to find Wu Ze, and Wu Ze asked him to put on his shoes on the road. His 100-meter score was good, second only to Huang Lin, and Zhang Hongwen was directly squeezed out of the second place. Zhang Hongwen felt that Duan Yucheng had robbed him of his place in the competition, and sat sullenly in the stands alone.

Jiang Tian accused him of embarrassing Rona, and said that everyone was guessing how much Rona paid Duan Yucheng. Duan Yucheng grabbed him by the collar in a fit of anger, and Jiang Tian did not show weakness. He emphasized that in the track and field team, everything is based on performance. The two almost clashed, but fortunately they were stopped by another coach. Later, Dai Yuxia told him that Rona was Jiang Tian’s benefactor, so Jiang Tian would inevitably stand up for Rona. Luo Na showed Duan Yucheng’s results to Wu Ze, and her expression was full of pride. Wu Ze wanted Duan Yucheng to practice 100 meters with him, but Luo Na was reluctant. And this time, Rona wanted Wu Ze to allow Duan Yucheng to participate in the 100-meter race. For Rona’s sake, Wu Ze agreed.

In the next 20 days, Duan Yucheng followed Wu Ze to train hard. He wanted to achieve excellent results in the provincial college sports games and use his results to stop some people’s mouths. On the first day of the Provincial Games, Rona sent Duan Yucheng in. Jiang Tian was outside. He panicked every time there was a big game. Rona reassured him that he could play with a normal heart. Dai Yuxia asked Rona to go in first, and stayed with Jiang Tian by herself. Duan Yucheng’s performance in the 100m preliminaries was very good. Although the two next to him were very good, Duan Yucheng’s mentality was very stable. He directly ran a score of 11.05 seconds and won the first place in the group competition.

There was a woman in the stand who had been cheering for Duan Yucheng. When Duan Yucheng finished the comparison, he called the woman a bit embarrassed, and Wu Ze and Luo Na were stunned. This woman seems to be at most 30 years old, and she has a son as old as Duan Yucheng. They don’t believe it unless they see it with their own eyes. Not long after the 100-meter competition, Luo Na received news that Liu Shan was injured, and Duan Yucheng went with them. The doctor said that with Liu Shan’s state today, he would not be able to participate in the competition no matter what. Duan Yucheng signed up as a substitute, so Gao Mingshuo had to allow him to replace Liu Shan in the high jump competition.

Duan Yucheng’s mother saw Rona, and immediately chatted with her enthusiastically. This familiar appearance made Rona a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, Wu Ze called her over in time. The competition started in full swing, and the player Chen Haozhe, who was the champion of the provincial college sports meeting for three consecutive championships, took off from two meters and skipped smoothly. Gao Mingshuo called Jiang Tian and Duan Yucheng over and asked Jiang Tian to start jumping from two meters, while Duan Yucheng jumped from one meter ninety-five. It was still a bit of pressure for Jiang Tian and Duan Yucheng to select 12 of the contestants for the finals.

Duan Yucheng jumped 1.95 meters, and Jiang Tian was under too much psychological pressure. The first try of 2 meters not only exceeded the time, but also failed. Later, Duan Yucheng successfully jumped two meters again, and Jiang Tian ushered in the second attempt of two meters, but he still failed. For the third time, his jumping test was not completed, and he was eliminated at the bottom. Dai Yuxia was very worried about him, and told him not to jump. Jiang Tian hugged his head and cried, and he didn’t know why he dropped the chain as soon as he arrived at the game. Rona gave him time to think clearly, whether to continue practicing or what to do. Duan Yucheng still has a game behind him, and Luo Na asked him to prepare well so that he would not be affected.

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