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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 4 Recap

Duan Yucheng began to find ways to apologize to Rona, starting with writing an apology letter, but Rona didn’t even read the letter. His roommate began to show his magical powers and taught Duan Yucheng how to write. After that, Duan Yucheng tried to apologize to Rona. He made several pages of apology display pages on her PPT, and called in his classmates to help him. In many balloons, the balloons are full of sorry. Duan Yucheng stood on the higher stairs and slid the apology letter down to her. Luo Na didn’t answer it, and let the balloon carry the letter to fly. She also put down the rope in her hand. While eating, Duan Yucheng looked at her through the window with a look of doing something wrong, which Luo Na deliberately ignored.

It’s just that Wu Ze is chattering, it’s obviously Duan Yucheng’s fault, why is she angry here. Rona was stabbed by him, and she got up and left without even eating. Duan Yucheng waited for a long time downstairs in Rona’s dormitory. From night to morning, Rona woke up and saw that he was still there, and went down to pick him up relentlessly. Duan Yucheng told her what he said in his heart. She was very important to him. She was different from the previous coach. The previous coach would only make him take high jumping as a hobby because he was not tall enough, but Luo Na attached great importance to it. He, so Duan Yucheng didn’t want to lose her, such a good coach, because of this matter. He said it sincerely, and Luo Na finally forgave him.

On the third day of the school sports meeting, Duan Yucheng went to watch the game with Luo Na and Wu Ze. After watching the sprint, he always said that those people ran faster than him. After the school sports meeting, time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was the late autumn of 2015. Wang Qilin stayed at the school for a day after returning from a business trip, and was caught by Luo Na again, still for Duan Yucheng. She showed Duan Yucheng’s training results to Wang Qilin, but she couldn’t resist Rona’s pleas. Wang Qilin let out Duan Yucheng to join the school team, but in the provincial college sports meeting, the school only has two places, one is for Jiang Tian, ​​and the other is for those with stable grades. Liu Shan, Duan Yucheng is impossible.

Luo Na took a step back, anyway, Duan Yucheng has also joined the school team, so let’s practice first. When she told Duan Yucheng the good news, he was taking a calligraphy class. In the quiet classroom, he suddenly slapped the table, startling everyone. Duan Yucheng invited guests to eat crayfish that night, but Yorona didn’t come. Duan Yucheng was obviously very disappointed and didn’t even eat a single bite of crayfish, the reason was to maintain his body fat rate. Liu Shan learned that Luo Na opened a small stove for Duan Yucheng alone, and also came over to have an early training with him. Liu Shan was also a member of the school team, and Luo Na treated him equally, which made Duan Yucheng jealous, and he said halfway through that he would go back first.

Luo Na talked to him alone, Duan Yucheng patted his face, and suddenly changed his attitude and said that he would focus on training. After that, Duan Yucheng successfully entered the school team. He was very kind. On the first day, he gave gifts to the brothers and sisters in the team, and also met a senior sister of Dai Yuxia’s shot team. On the first day he came in, Wang Qilin asked Gao Mingshuo to organize the assessment. Jiang Tian quickly passed the test at a height of 2.15 meters, followed by Liu Shan and Duan Yucheng. Liu Shan jumped 2.05 meters very smoothly. Duan Yucheng was not to be outdone. Wang Qilin said with emotion that he was a figure, and then asked Gao Mingshuo to adjust the height to 2.1 meters.

As a result, the two did not jump a few times. After Liu Shan, Duan Yucheng had only one last chance to jump.

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