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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 2 Recap

Although Luo Na rejected Duan Yucheng, she contacted her father in private and asked him for a training material. Duan Yucheng, who was rejected, was very disappointed, but he was not discouraged and continued to exercise every day. On this day, Rona was waiting for him outside the stadium. She was willing to be Duan Yucheng’s coach and handed him a heavy training plan, asking him to jump 2.05 meters within a month.

Duan Yucheng was overjoyed and agreed to Luo Na’s requests one by one, and then he followed the training. Liu Shan also joined the high jump team of NTU. He introduced the high jump team Changjiang Tian to Duan Yucheng. He said that Jiang Tian’s name was like thunder, and he usually jumped 2.20 meters. back.

Duan Yucheng jumped two meters in the first jump under the watchful eyes of everyone, and passed it steadily. Everyone was surprised. Gao Mingshuo, the coach of the high jump team, gave him a few pointers, and today’s training was over. Jiang Tian packed up, glanced at Duan Yucheng, then left dashingly, then jumped up and bumped into the basketball above his head.

Duan Yucheng then walked under the basketball and stared at the basketball that was half a height away from him. In fact, he was quite envious of Jiang Tian. Seeing that Luo Na, Gao Mingshuo and Wu Ze were there, Duan Yucheng also came over. Wu Ze learned that Duan Yucheng was the seedling that Luo Na liked, but he didn’t care, but Gao Mingshuo said that if he was in school He did well in the Games, so he went to tell Director Wang that he was accepted.

The School of Economics and Management began to choose courses, and Duan Yucheng found out that there was a course for Rona, and immediately urged a few roommates to choose this course with him. The class flower Shi Yin chose this course because of Duan Yucheng, and he followed suit. Many people from the Finance Department also followed Shi Yin to choose this course. In the summer, many people from the Department of Finance chose this course, and the course was successfully started.

Before class, Rona let them run 1,500 meters to warm up. Except for Duan Yucheng, everyone else was out of breath. After the run, the class was officially started. Rona taught them sprinting. Duan Yucheng adjusted his starting position according to what she said, and jumped out like a wind, so fast that only an afterimage was left.

Duan Yucheng could see that Wu Ze and Rona had a good relationship. He was a little jealous, so he threw a bottle of water to Rona. She caught the bottle of water just like the water Wu Ze threw over before. , but I don’t know Duan Yucheng’s careful thoughts. Duan Yucheng’s eyes turned gray, and Luo Na told him to close his eyes and stay still. After a while, Duan Yucheng felt his head fall down in the cold water.

Lorna succeeded in her little prank, laughing and running away. Not long after, Wang Qilin returned to school. After Luo Na got Wu Ze’s reminder, she called Duan Yucheng for assessment training that night. She knew that Wang Qilin would see Duan Yucheng’s assessment through the camera.

Sure enough, Wang Qilin called her shortly after. It’s just that after Luo Na showed him the results, and after talking for a long time, Wang Qilin didn’t want Duan Yucheng to join the team. Duan Yucheng heard it outside the door. Although he was very disappointed, he comforted Luo Na first. Rona looked at him, suddenly changed her mind, turned around and went in to negotiate with Wang Qilin.

Wang Qilin didn’t react, and promised to make an exception for Duan Yucheng to join the track and field team as long as he jumped two meters one in the campus meeting. Being too tired recently, Wu Ze thoughtfully asked Rona to climb Yuanming Mountain. Duan Yucheng learned that Rona was going to climb the mountain, so he also took the initiative to sign up with Shi Yin.

On this day, Duan Yucheng arrived first, called Luo Na who had just arrived, and made an appointment with her to meet at the top of the mountain for an hour and a half. Luo Na was not a vegetarian, so she agreed immediately.

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