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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 1 Recap

After the morning schedule of the track and field games of Nanhu No. 3 Middle School, the scorching sun was blazing, and Wang Qilin, director of the sports department of NTU, came to No. 3 Middle School to select sports seedlings, NTU assistant coach Luo Na is a graduate student of NTU Training School. Woo Sung’s first side.

At that time, he jumped up to catch the badminton, and Rona saw that his ankle was delicately shaped, his Achilles tendon was slender and strong, and he was wearing a pair of spiked shoes, which looked like he was jumping high.

Later in the afternoon competition, Rona saw him participating in the 400-meter track and field competition, so she looked at him a few more times and found that he was the first athlete to cross the line in the 400-meter competition.

Seeing Duan Yucheng cheering on the field, as dazzling as the sun, Luona remembered something someone said to her. Wang Qilin also noticed Duan Yucheng, but seeing that his height was only 179, Wang Qilin turned his attention to Liu Shan. Liu Shan, who is 192 in height, jumped out of the first place in the city middle school student sports meeting, so he became the focus of Wang Qilin’s trip. In the next high jump competition, Rona observed that Duan Yuqi imitated Holm’s approach and technical movements. After he jumped down, Rona whispered Holm’s name and reminded him that the last four steps were slow. .

Holm is a genius who won the high jump gold medal in the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. The most important thing is that his height is only 1.81 meters. Duan Yucheng was obviously surprised that she knew Holm, but in the next game, he adjusted according to Rona’s reminder, and it worked out. Luo Na is very optimistic about him, but Wang Qilin is still not optimistic about him because of his height.

Then the height increased, Duan Yucheng did not skip two consecutive jumps, very thrilling, and finally jumped in the third jump, the scene cheered. Wang Qilin was reluctant to continue watching. His favorite was Liu Shan, who had an advantage in height, and he also asked the teacher to do his ideological work.

Duan Yucheng followed up with Luo Na later, gave her an ice cream, and slowly made a cliché, confirming that Luo Na was the coach of NTU, and then asked them if they were interested in Liu Shan. Luo Na didn’t speak. Although Duan Yucheng was a boy, his mind was very delicate. He knew that he was not as tall as Liu Shan, but this did not affect his first choice to apply for NTU.

He took the liberty to take off Rona’s sunglasses and remembered her appearance. After Luo Na returned to school, her teacher Wu Ze called her down to eat ice powder. She talked about a good seedling she saw at No. 3 Middle School. Unfortunately, because of her height, Wang Qilin didn’t like it, and Wu Ze reminded her that she liked it. , don’t put yourself in it.

As a coach’s child, Rona has aspired to be a coach since she was a child, but now the status of the assistant coach doesn’t give her much room to play except for chores. Half a month later, Duan Yucheng was admitted to NTU’s ace major, the Finance Department of the School of Economics and Management. On the first day of registration, he saw Rona at the track and field and took the initiative to greet her.

Rona didn’t expect that he was still thinking about the track and field team. In the end, Rona promised him that as long as he studied well in the School of Economics and Management, he would consider letting him join the track and field team.

Then Duan Yucheng went to report and took his luggage into the dormitory. The other three roommates were named Hu Junqiao, Han Dai and Jia Shili. Hu Junqiao fell asleep on the bed. Han Dai was wearing a pair of glasses. He was very thin and played shirtless. The fat guy on the computer is Jia Shili. Duan Yucheng greeted them and went to training.

After that, he got up at four or five in the morning to exercise and went to bed at 9:30 in the evening, very self-disciplined. One day he came out of the window of the training ground as usual, only to be seen by Rona. Luo Na said that she would lock all the windows here in the future. Duan Yucheng couldn’t bargain with her, so he wanted her to take him to train.

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