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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 5 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 5 Recap

Because Chang’an black tea Pei Jian offended most of the court and the opposition, even the emperor and the princess were quite dissatisfied with him, but for the sake of his daughter Xijun, he did not regret his decision, and only hoped that Su Wuming could protect Pei Xijun’s safety during the marriage.

Pei Xijun dressed up and prepared to hold a ghost marriage with General Xiao on the day of Zhongyuan Festival. Even if the ghost marriage in Chang’an was going to a ghost market, she was not afraid. Lu Lingfeng dressed as a bodyguard to escort Pei Xijun to the marriage ceremony.

The sedan chair passed through the ghost city, and suddenly there was a gust of wind, followed by a giant beast. Lu Lingfeng asked everyone to guard the sedan chair. He went to fight the giant beast alone. Lu Lingfeng and Eleven Niang faced off against each other.

After a sword fight, Eleven Niang lost and took the opportunity to escape. But he didn’t expect that Pei Xijun in the sedan chair would disappear in front of everyone’s eyes. At the reminder of Fei Jishi, Lu Lingfeng realized that Pei Xijun was taken away from the secret passage at the bottom of the sedan chair, and took Fei Jishi to the secret passage to save people.

On the other hand, Wuming Su prepared wine and food and came to the county magistrate’s residence to invite the magistrate Yuan for a drink. After the two of them drank a few glasses, the magistrate Yuan was too drunk, and Su Wuming took the opportunity to find an excuse to accompany the magistrate Yuan. Seeing that Su Wuming didn’t leave, the magistrate of Yuan simply stunned Su Wuming with blood.

Immortal Chang and Eleven Niang grabbed Pei Xijun and prepared to use her to make tea. Immortal Chang also ordered Eleven Niang to put Su Wuming into the dark river, preparing to kill him. Just when the immortal was about to take Pei Xijun’s blood, Su Wuming got out of the river, and Su Wuming identified the immortal as the magistrate of Yuan. The magistrate Yuan did not deny his identity, and took off the mask to confront Su Wuming calmly.

It turned out that Su Wuming fainted from blood since he was a child, but he was fine after accompanying Di Gong to the case. At Pei Shilang’s house that day, he fainted just to not refute Pei Shilang’s face. Since the disappearance of the inexplicable drowning case file from Wuhan University, the repeated attempts of the magistrate Yuan Yuan, and the opening of the immortal chief in the ghost market, Su Wuming has concluded that his Yuan Lai is the immortal chief. And the reason why Su Wuming didn’t identify him was to reveal his true form today.

On the other side, Lu Lingfeng was ambushed by the archers dispatched by Eleven Niang, and then divided into three paths with the following catchers, successfully annihilating the ambush archers in one fell swoop.

Wu Daqi’s death was because Wu Daqi also investigated the case of the bride’s disappearance, and finally found Yin Shilang, and was killed by the immortal Chang’an black tea by taking the opportunity. The immortal chiefs and the others only harmed the brides because the women had extremely yin bodies.

They bleed blood from the heads of these brides to make tea, and put the masks on the deceased to clear the way for their souls. Yuanlai thought that after one year, all the Chang’an nobles needed Chang’an black tea to continue their lives, and he would become the real Lord of Chang’an.

Su Wuwei Hu Pei Xijun said that he is the real body of extreme yin. Fifteen years ago, he was poisoned for his teacher, and then he was bathed in soup by Tianshan Qilan to break the poison. he. Eleven Niang didn’t believe Su Wuming’s words and raised a knife to kill Su Wuming. Su Wuming turned on the cave switch while avoiding, and successfully let Lu Lingfeng and others who were trapped outside the cave come to the rescue.

Yuan Lai was originally a post-emperor, born from a noble family, and finally became an official in Chang’an County for ten years. He has been conscientiously managing Zhuque Street in these years, but he was detained in Chang’an County for many years because of his leg disability. His achievements have become a stepping stone for others to be promoted.

Now that he has passed the year of destiny, he is still a small county magistrate of Chang’an, so he refused to accept his fate, so he used the blood of the common people to refine Chang’an black tea, just to make officials addicted and achieve the purpose of control.

With the whistle of Eleventh Mother, the stone statues in the cave broke out, and Su Wuming recognized these people as the four secluded monsters. During the Yonglong years, after the four assassins of the Youli tribe went to Beijing to assassinate the saints, they were captured and imprisoned in Chang’an County Prison. Lu Lingfeng and the other catchers worked together to kill the four Youli monsters.

At the critical moment, with the help of Master Fei Ji, they successfully killed the last two Youli monsters. Seeing that the situation was unfavorable, Eleven Niang took the opportunity to escape, Yuan Lai was angry and prepared to kill Pei Xijun, but was finally killed by Lu Lingfeng.

General Lu Tong of Jinwuwei came with people and ordered them to count the bodies, and then bring all the living people back for questioning. Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng were both detained in Jinwu Prison pending trial.

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