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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 4 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 4 Recap

The county magistrate Yuan came to find Su Wuming, saying that he knew that he was leading people to visit the ghost city at night and was worried about his safety. Su Wuming wanted to hide it, but he did not know that the county magistrate Yuan had come to him last night, and that he had brought all the county magistrates with him. All the catchers go out.

Su Wuming had no choice but to say that it was hard to tell because neither of the two ghost cities had ever investigated the case. Yuan magistrate said that he had served as the magistrate of Chang’an for many years, and his six magistrates, except Wu Daqi, had all been promoted.

After the Yuan County magistrate left, Su Wuming woke up the sleeping Fei Jishi and took him to visit the West City magistrate. Xi Shi Ling Kang Yuanli was not in the mansion at this time, Su Wuming took Fei Ji Shi to the backyard despite the obstruction of Xi Shi Ling’s servants, and saw the flowers blooming all over the garden, Fei Ji Shi secretly told Su Wuming that this is the flower place system.

Kang Yuanli hurriedly returned home, saying that the flowers were planted for others by himself, and rejected Su Wuming’s request for flowers. After some greetings, Kang Yuanli planned to send Su Wuming out of the house, but found that the Fei Ji master brought by Su Wuming secretly picked the flowers in the backyard. Ignoring Su Wuming’s obstruction and scolding Fei Ji, who stole the flowers, fortunately Lu Lingfeng came to order him to release him as Jin Wuwei. Under Su Wuming’s hint, Lu Lingfeng also took the flowers away.

A few people returned to the county magistrate’s apartment, and Fei Ji master developed a fragrance from the flowers, which tasted the same as the soul-returning fragrance. Master Fei Ji lived in the ghost city all the year round, and knew that Kang Yuanli was planting flowers for Yin Shilang, and Yin Shilang was using the incense to keep his body from rot.

Su Wuming speculated that the main raw material of Chang’an black tea, Xiyu Huancao, may also be planted in Chang’an City, and Xiyu Huancao was listed as a prohibited drug in the Sui Dynasty. Su Wuming guessed that someone planted this grass in a vacant courtyard in Chang’an City.

General Lu Tong of Jinwuwei learned that Lu Lingfeng went to the ghost city, not only injured himself, but also damaged three Jinwuwei, so he simply took away his military power and let him think about it behind closed doors and wait for the disposal. Lu Lingfeng, who returned to the mansion, told Su Wuming that after his investigation, the bride disappeared at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month, and each batch of black tea basically came out from the third to the fifth day of the first month.

It can be seen that the two cases are inseparable. Su Wuming had also imagined the same before, but he had no right to search the land where the magic grass was planted in the Western Regions. Lu Lingfeng said that although he was seized from the military power and thought about it behind closed doors, he could go out the window during the day to investigate.

Lu Lingfeng inspected three yards, and as expected, he found that the Western Regions Magic Grass was planted here. Su Wuming suggested that he continue to investigate, and then report to His Royal Highness the Prince after finding out what happened. Master Fei Ji came back from the ghost market and told Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng that he had learned from the ghost market that a batch of specially made Changan black tea was launched on the 18th of this month, and one or two teas of gold were ordered.

Su Wuming found Pei Jian and said that Wen Chao went to the ghost market to buy Chang’an black tea and was caught by Lu Lingfeng. Wen Chao confessed that the money he went to the ghost market to buy tea came from his teacher Pei Jian. Pei Jian did not admit to giving the money, but said he knew Wen Chao buy tea.

Su Wuming clearly told Pei Jian that there was indeed a prohibited substance in Chang’an black tea, and this substance was the Western Regions Magic Grass. The black tea that Pei Jian drank before was all given by Wen Chao, but Chang’an black tea was expensive and Wen Chao’s salary was low.

Pei Jian’s daughter Pei Xijun came to see Pei Jian and took the opportunity to draw his sword and threatened to commit suicide. Pei Jian allowed himself to go to the Western Regions to find General Xiao. . Hearing this remark, Pei Xijun gave up suicide and decided to meet General Xiao when he was grooming for a while.

After Pei Xijun left, Su Wuming revealed his plan. He came today to solve Pei Xijun’s heart disease, and he also borrowed the portrait of General Xiao painted by Pei Xijun. Su Wuming took a portrait to find Lu Lingfeng, and the two discussed plans for the listing of Changan Black Tea on the 18th. Su Wuming was going to use Pei Xijun to implement the ghost marriage plan, but Lu Lingfeng was unwilling to take Pei Xijun’s risk. It turned out that a few months ago, my cousin Xiao Bozhao met with the saint and worshiped General Mingwei.

Before leading the army to the west, Shi Lang’s daughter invited him to a banquet. Xiao Bozhao and the singer were entangled with each other, so Lu Lingfeng was impersonated. After seeing Pei Xijun, Lu Lingfeng couldn’t bear to tell him the details. Su Wuming simply asked Lu Lingfeng to make a mistake, and went to meet Pei Xijun tonight.

When the child was born, Lu Lingfeng appeared as promised and danced his sword again to the sound of Pei Xijun’s piano, so that Pei Xijun could see his lover again. Lu Lingfeng put Wen Chao back in the mansion, and sure enough, Wen Chao arrived at Yin Julang in the mansion, and Yin Julang planned to use Changan black tea in exchange for the list of people who would get married on the Mid-Autumn Festival in three days. Let Wen Chao prepare the list on the evening of July 14, and he will come and get it.

Su Wuming found out that the county captains were practicing swordsmanship diligently, and when they asked them, they found out that they were rescued by Jin Wuwei while they were talking about the ghost market at night. Pei Jian, the minister of officials, identified Chang’an black tea as a demon tea at the court, and was shocked by the four major crimes.

Yin Shilang brought the list of marriages from Wen Chao, and the list included Pei Jian’s daughter Pei Xijun. The immortal chose Pei Xijun because of Pei Jian’s court action, and planned to bring her into the best black tea.

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