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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 3 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 3 Recap

To this day, eight brides are still missing. Su Wuming lured the county lieutenant with money to push the catchers who were unwilling to dig the corpse to go to the place he guessed to investigate the bride’s body. On the other hand, Lu Lingfeng and Jin Wuwei raided the major tea shops selling Chang’an black tea, and arrested many people selling this tea. Eleven Niang found out Lu Lingfeng’s whereabouts and planned to send someone to assassinate Lu Lingfeng.

Lu Tong, the general of Jinwuwei, accused Lu Lingfeng of taking his own initiative to seal the tea market. Although the matter was ordered by the prince, Lu Lingfeng could not produce the prince’s hand, and the prince did not admit it in front of the prince.

Lu Tong was worried that Lu Lingfeng’s investigation of this matter would ruin his good future, and told him not to let the emperor lose face, otherwise no one could save his life in the end. In the end, Lu Tong agreed with Lu Lingfeng to investigate the case, but he could no longer use Jinwuwei personnel.

The county captain’s catcher succeeded in retrieving the eight missing brides, which also convinced the catchers to Su Wuming and decided to take care of the errands in the future. The county magistrate Yuanlai told Su Wuming that Jinwuwei had caught too many tea dealers, and Jinwu prison could not be held there, so he wanted to be temporarily held in the Changan county government office.

Yuan Lai asked Su Wuming how to deal with this matter. Su Wuming thought that Jin Wuwei was overstepping his powers. It is better to let these people go, so as not to offend Her Royal Highness.

When Lu Lingfeng learned that Su Wuming had found the bodies of the eight missing brides, he came to Chang’an County Wei’s apartment early in the morning to ask Su Wuming. Su Wuming said that he only found clues from the miscellaneous compilations of folk records.

Although Lu Lingfeng dismissed it, he also decided to check these books. Su Wuming invited Lu Lingfeng to taste Chang’an black tea, thinking that the case of Chang’an black tea could be investigated only by thoroughly researching this tea. Later, Su Wuming also borrowed money from Lu Lingfeng on this ground, and distributed the money to the catchers of the county magistrates.

Su Wuming knew that Lu Lingfeng had no manpower to inspect the ghost city at this time, so he transferred 19 catchers to Lu Lingfeng’s subordinates. That night, Lu Lingfeng brought everyone to the ghost market to check Chang’an black tea, but unexpectedly found that Wen Chao, who joined the army, was buying tea here, and ordered someone to take it away. Lu Lingfeng was shot by an arrow in the ghost city, but he chased after him but did not find the shooter. Lu Lingfeng brought everyone to the place where Eleven Niang, who was singing and dancing, was at peace.

The Chang’an catcher made great contributions and came to investigate, but was defeated by the two warriors under Eleven Niang. Lu Lingfeng asked the Chang’an catcher to withdraw. He took three Jinwuwei to kill the evil spirits, but the two warriors under Eleven Niang’s men were indestructible. They were successfully killed, but in the end Lu Lingfeng was also locked in the iron cage, so he had to order his subordinates to leave quickly, and he resisted Wan Jian’s shooting by himself.

Su Wuming came to the ghost city to check the spices again, and he also met a chicken thief here. Knowing that the other party might smell the spices he was looking for, he wanted to investigate the source of the spices through him.

Su Wuming chased the chicken thief, but did not expect that he would end up hiding in Tibet and come to the shop where Eleven Niang was. Su Wuming saw that Lu Lingfeng was imprisoned, and simply took him out of the cave. Fortunately, a chicken thief led the way and successfully brought them out of the hole.

Because of the smell of soul-returning fragrance on Su Wuming’s body, the chicken thieves mistakenly thought that he was neither a human nor a ghost. Later, Wuming Su learned that the chicken thief was the ghost doctor Fei Ji Shi, and persuaded Lu Lingfeng to accept Fei Ji Shi to treat arrow wounds for him.

The arrow wound was poisonous, and Fei Jiji used this as an excuse to extort Lu Lingfeng to give him a chicken to eat every day. It was also because of Master Fei’s treatment that Xian Chang and others thought that Lu Lingfeng would die before dawn was over. Before dawn, Su Wuming successfully took Lu Lingfeng out of the ghost city.

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