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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 23 Recap

Lu Yan stopped Deng Deng by the wall, covered her head with his hands, and asked her what her answer was. Deng Deng was a little shy, and then she told Lu Yan that if Lu Yan dared to break his word again, she would never let him out again. Deng Deng held Lu Yan’s hand and expressed his gratitude to him, thanking him for appearing in his life, so that he would no longer be alone. Happiness is shared by others, and difficulties are shared by others. Deng Deng told Lu Yan that whether it was in the past, now, or in the future, it is good to have him. Saying that, the corners of Deng Deng’s mouth couldn’t help but rise, and even the tears were the taste of happiness. Hearing this answer, Lu Yan was satisfied. He looked at Deng Deng affectionately, and kissed him in difficulty.

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