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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 22 Recap

Lu Yan used Yuanneng to “hear” the conversation between Bai Shiqi and Gu Beixi, and hurriedly got up and went to the court. Then Gu Beixi came over, put down the medicine and hurriedly left. Deng Deng felt very suspicious, so he stopped him and asked carefully. Although Deng Deng knew something was wrong when he saw Gu Beixi’s expression, if Gu Beixi insisted not to speak, Deng Deng could not do anything about him. Unexpectedly, A Xin, who was on the side, spoke first, and told about Lu Yan going to the law field to save the Spiritual Race.

Deng Deng was about to leave when Lu Er suddenly stopped her behind him, saying that the paralyzed had something to tell her. When the paralyzed woke up, he heard that Deng Deng was going to the robbery field. Although he was very worried about her safety, this time, he did not stop her. Here, the police have already raised their guns to execute the execution here, and they never thought that Lu Yan would suddenly come out halfway.

With a wave of Lu Yan’s hand, he cut off the chains on the Spirit Clan’s body and told them to leave quickly. But Director Bai seemed to be crazy and ordered the shooting. Several Eldar walking ahead were hit by bullets and fell to the ground. Lu Yan had no choice but to set up a barrier to protect the Spirit Race.

There was a hail of bullets outside, but Lu Yan’s face did not change at all. But for some reason, several Spirit Races in the enchantment suddenly went mad, and even if Lu Yan had monstrous abilities, it was difficult for him to cope with the current situation. Seeing this, Director Bai launched a fierce attack on the enchantment, and he did not hesitate to use cannons. Lu Yan was struggling a little, and he couldn’t take care of that much at the moment, so he could only deal with the police first.

The policeman who was controlled by the insect king struggled to get up. He told Lu Yan that the only way to remove the spirit insects in the spirit clan was to release the Yuan energy in Lu Yan’s body. The Insect King suddenly released the toxins in his body, making those Spirit Races even more crazy, killing each other without end. Seeing such a scene, Lu Yan’s tears involuntarily welled up in his eyes. He thought about it again and again and made his own decision. He raised his hands and cast a spell to trap the Insect King in the barrier. At this time, several people in Deng Deng have also broken in.

Lu Yan tried his best to use his spells, ignoring that the Yuan Dan in his body had already changed. At this moment, the people in the enchantment slowly woke up. Seeing this, everyone on the side couldn’t believe their eyes. Lu Yan apologized to Deng Deng in his heart. He originally wanted to hold hands with Deng Deng to grow old together, but I am afraid that he will break his promise today.

Then, a dazzling light flashed in the sky, and the enchantment suddenly disappeared. Lu Yan showed exhaustion and weakness, and fell straight in front of everyone’s eyes. Deng Deng was the first to react, she shouted Lu Yan’s name and rushed up one step at a time. When the others saw this, they hurried up.

Lu Yan fell into a deep sleep in Deng Deng’s arms and was silent. Deng Deng and A Xin sent Yuan energy to him, but no matter how hard they tried, it was always useless. Deng Deng gently put down Lu Yan and put his face close to his chest. Yun Xi’s Yuan Neng was touched and he was summoned. She hugged Lu Yan tightly and successfully woke him up. The awakened Spirit Race saw the Saintess and saluted one after another. Everyone gathered together and rejoiced, but the insect king did not leave.

When everyone returned to the ruined temple, the auntie and the others had recovered their human form, and the paralyzed Yu had also become alive and running, able to eat and drink. After saying goodbye to his auntie and the others, Deng Deng told everyone about Lu Yan’s heroic deeds vividly. Bai Shiqi came to Gu Beixi and persuaded them to leave the right and wrong place of Yingdu as soon as possible.

Bai Shiqi said goodbye to Gu Beixi, and before leaving, she finally gathered up the courage to hug Gu Beixi. Looking at Bai Shiqi’s retreating back, Gu Beixi had mixed feelings in his heart. At night, he was very drunk, and after so much, he finally figured out a lot of things. Now, he decided to let go and let Deng Deng pursue her own happiness.

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