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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 2 Recap

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 2 Recap

Su Wuming believed that Dou Yulin was first killed by the murderer and then hanged. Lu Lingfeng asked the servants of Dou’s house and learned that Dou Yulin had indeed put medicine in the horse’s drinking water, and returned drunk in the middle of the night on the day Dou Cong disappeared. Su Wuming saw that the maid Linger was different and asked Linger, but Linger thought that Dou Yulin must have been killed by Yinjulang.

It turned out that Dou Yulin was dissatisfied with his sister’s marriage to Song Chai, so he searched for Yin Shilang from the ghost city, and Hou Yin Shilang was entrusted by Dou Yulin to abduct Dou Cong, but they did not know that Yin Shilang and the others just happened to lack a bride, so they simply agreed to this matter and kidnapped Dou Cong. Cong killed, and then also killed Dou Yulin. The most suspicious person in this case so far is Yinjuro, and Su Wuming naturally wants to investigate the case in person.

But Su Wuming, a scholar, naturally wanted to bring his entourage to the ghost market, but the Chang’an county catcher declined one by one and did not want to follow him to the ghost market. Su Wuming cut a piece of bridal spice fabric and planned to go to the ghost market alone to find out.

The old servant Su Qian decided to accompany him. The ghost city is an underground world formed by the deep depression next to Xuandu Temple. Since the Tang Dynasty, the curfew has been very strict, and some homeless people and businessmen in the evening have gathered here.

When Su Wuming came to the ghost market, he was accidentally knocked down by a chicken thief, but he did not expect that the chicken thief thought Su Wuming was a ghost because of the smell of spices on his body, which made him feel inexplicable. Su Wuming came to the place where Injuro hung the sign, and as soon as he entered the room, he stepped into the trap set up by Lu Lingfeng and others.

Su Wuming and Lu Lingfeng quarreled, and Lu Lingfeng didn’t want to let him out of the net pocket, so he simply continued to hang him up. At this time, a tiger roared, and a huge tiger came to devour the crowd. The Jinwuwei were afraid that the tigers would jump out of the window. Su Wuming noticed something abnormal and reminded Lu Lingfeng not to jump out of the window and kill the tiger with a knife. After Lu Lingfeng killed the tiger, he discovered that there was no tiger at all, but an illusion performed by splicing tiger skins together.

Su Wuming analyzed that the demons used illusions to force them to jump out of the window, so the two people who jumped out of the window should have been out of luck. Sure enough, Lu Lingfeng checked and found that his subordinates, Xiao Wu and the tea seller, were dead outside the window. Then the people shouted that the immortals ascended, and Su Wuming and others found that Yinjurou had left. On the other side, after Yinjuro ascended, he changed into a beautiful woman and changed his name to Eleven Niang.

Linger was kidnapped by Dou’s family and brought to the county government for stealing, but Linger said that she did not steal, and that outside of her hand was Chang’an black tea left by Dou Yulin. Su Wuming explained to Father Dou in private that Dou Yulin once bought sweat and blood powder in the ghost market to help Yin Julang kidnap his sister.

His original intention was to let his sister leave the place temporarily, but he did not expect to send her sister into the hands of an adulterer. And Linger took Chang’an black tea, and also wanted to sell it for money and raise her children. Su Wuming ordered Father Dou to take Linger back to the mansion and treat them well.

Su Wuming took out the Changan black tea brought by Linger, and Su Qian also found the black tea left by Wu Daqi, and he simply studied these black teas together. Pei Xijun insisted on marrying Xiao Lang, and Pei Jian brought Changan black tea to persuade his daughter to drink it, but was knocked over by Pei Xijun, and said that he only wanted to marry Xiao Lang, and there was nothing else.

Su Wuming came to see Pei Jian, heard that he had been drinking Changan black tea all night because of his daughter, and persuaded him not to drink this tea again. Su Wuming suspected that Changan black tea contained prohibited substances. When leaving, Su Wuming inquired about Pei Xijun and General Xiao, and learned that Pei Jian had never met General Xiao, but his daughter had a marriage contract with General Xiao, and had a happy past.

Lu Lingfeng blamed himself for killing Xiao Wu, and hid at home to drink alcohol to relieve his worries. Su Wuming checked and learned that Mingwei General Xiao Bozhao was Lu Lingfeng’s cousin, and from what Lu Lingfeng said, he also knew that the person Pei Xijun painted was Lu Lingfeng and not Xiao Bozhao.

The prince summoned Lu Lingfeng, saying that before June, the imperial servant, Helan, destroyed the Ming Dynasty, three months ago, Li Buqi, the captain of Guo Yi, and one month ago, Sima Sun Xiujun of Yongzhou committed suicide inexplicably. Lu Lingfeng said that all three had drank Chang’an black tea, and Chang’an black tea was actually a demon tea. The prince thought that the demons borrowed tea to confuse the public, so that the whole dynasty was dazed.

The prince ordered Lu Lingfeng to cooperate with the Beijing Tea Alliance to thoroughly investigate the Chang’an black tea. Lu Lingfeng returned home and found that Su Wuming was still checking the records in his own home. Su Wuming learned that the prince had ordered Lu Lingfeng to thoroughly investigate the Chang’an black tea case, and the disappearance of the bride might have an inevitable connection with black tea. Walk.

Su Wuming learned from the case file recorded by Lu Lingfeng that there have been four cases of missing brides, and the bodies that have been found are located in the four directions of the south, east, and northwest of Chang’an City. This killing may be completing a sense of ritual. Su Wuming guessed that there are still brides’ bodies in other places, and they need to be carefully explored.

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