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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1: Su Wuming takes up the post of Chang’an County Lieutenant

Chang’an County Wei’s apartment, a black cat sneaked into the room, Chang’an County Wei Wu Daqi was alert to find the black cat in his sleep, and he drew his sword to kill the black cat, but he didn’t expect the black cat to turn into a woman in red. Wu Daqi wanted to behead the black cat. Kill the evildoer, and finally fall into the lake and drown. The next day, Wu Daqi’s body was found, and Lu Lingfeng, the general of Jinwu Weizhong Lang, came to investigate, and accidentally found a black cat in the courtyard.

During Tang Jingyun’s years, the dynasty was prosperous and Chang’an was prosperous like a dream. Su Wuming, a disciple of Di Renjie, took up the post of Chang’an county magistrate, and Lu Lingfeng believed that there were many strange things about the death of the former county magistrate, Wu Daqi, so that Su Wuming could find out the truth as soon as possible, and he would also supervise this matter.

Dou Yulin, the son of the Dou family, sent his sister Dou Cong to marry, and the bridegroom Song Chai’s home was outside Chang’an. After welcoming Dou Cong out of the city, he returned home ahead of time to prepare, and Dou Yulin continued to escort his sister to get married. Surprisingly, there was a thunderstorm on a sunny day, and the carriage where the bride was frightened lost control and was taken away by the horse.

In the end, the carriage was stopped by a tree, and the bride, Dou Cong, got off the carriage but was suddenly frightened by the masked man behind her. That night, when a dead body was found in the hospital, Su Wuming came to investigate the case and found that the red cloth wrapping the body had been turned over.

Su Wuming believed that Jin Wuwei was in charge of the police inspector An of the Son of Heaven, and accused Lu Lingfeng of overstepping his authority. Lu Lingfeng explained that the frequent murders threatened Chang’an’s safety, and also asked Su Wuming to investigate the case, so as not to disgrace the name of Di Gong’s disciple. Su Wuming’s autopsy found that the deceased woman was a newly married woman, wearing a Fang Xiang mask.

Fang Xiang was originally a general in front of the palace of King Zhou of Yin, and was later evolved into a god who opened the way during funerals and exorcising ghosts. According to the ritual system of the Tang Dynasty, only officials of the fourth rank and above can use Fang Xiang, and ordinary people cannot use it without authorization. The mask is deeply embedded in the skin of the deceased, and it is integrated with the face. The murderer’s killing method is cruel and strange.

Because Su Wuming had done a good job in helping the princess solve the case before, she was recommended by the princess to enter the court. The minister of personnel, Pei Jian, personally invited Su Wuming to hold a banquet. The secretary joined the army, Wen Chao, and Chang’an county magistrate Yuan Lai accompanied them. He broke into the door and said that he was not married to Xiao Lang.

Although he heard that Xiao Lang had already died in battle, he wanted to marry his portrait. Pei Jian had his daughter taken away on the grounds that he was mad. Su Wuming unexpectedly saw that Xiao Lang’s portrait was very similar to Lu Lingfeng, and was curious.

After the banquet was over, Pei Jian was going to serve the three of them with Chang’an black tea, but he didn’t expect Su Wuming to faint as soon as he took the tea cup. On the other hand, Lu Lingfeng, who was inspecting Chang’an, caught the snitch and returned the gold cake he stole to the owner. He heard that the owner planned to use the gold cake to buy Chang’an black tea, but failed to snap up the popular “Xiancha”.

The apartment assigned by Su Wuming was the place where Wu Daqi died before. He was not afraid of unlucky places, thinking that it was just enough to investigate the truth of the case. Chang’an county magistrate Yuan Lai came to visit Su Wuming. Su Wuming explained that the reason for his fainting yesterday was blood dizziness. He fainted suddenly when he saw the color of Chang’an black tea, which was like blood.

Su Wuming came to find Lu Lingfeng, saying that he saw that the man in the portrait held by Pei Xijun was Lu Lingfeng last night, and inquired about the relationship between the two, but Lu Lingfeng did not admit that the two knew each other.

Then he told the dead bride that it was the daughter of the Dou family, so that Su Wuming investigated the case as soon as possible. Su Wuming came to the corpse collection room, learned the details of the deceased’s true identity, and promised Dou’s parents that they would investigate the truth, but did not expect Dou Yulin to insist that the groom Song Chai was the murderer.

Su Wuming learned from Song Chai that both his parents had died, and the Dou family had long wanted to regret their marriage, especially Dou Yulin often interfered with it. Then Su Wuming ordered his subordinates to let Song Chai report his whereabouts every day. After all, from his observation, Song Chai Is a gambler, words can not be trusted.

And Lu Lingfeng also knew that Song Chai was a gambler and followed him to the casino, and then approached Song Chai as a gambler and asked him about his gambling tips, but he did not expect Song Chai to be chased by the thief for money, so Lu Lingfeng had to help him with his real identity After driving away the thief, Song Chai was worried that the money he had won would be recovered, so he hurriedly left and avoided the night watchman. Knowing the news, Su Wuming came and said angrily that Lu Lingfeng hindered his handling of the case.

Then Su Wuming inspected Song Chai’s body and wondered why Jinwuwei Road encountered curfew people, but he shot and killed him with one arrow after repeated warnings. Lu Lingfeng admitted that it was really inappropriate to shoot Song Chai Jin Wuwei, but he did not do it intentionally in a hurry.

Su Wuming interrogated the thieves who were chasing Song Chai, and learned that they were human traffickers. Su Wuming inspected Dou Cong’s body and found that the body had not rotted for a long time, which was surprising. Su Wuming came to Chang’an West City to learn about the spices of the West City from Ling Kang Yuanli of the West City, but he did not find any spices to prevent the corpse from rotting. Kang Yuanli said that the spices would not be found in the West City, and there might be in the ghost market.

Although Song Chai was hateful, he wasn’t the real murderer, and the bride’s carriage was later found. Su Wuming thought that there might be some clues from here. After Lu Lingfeng inspected the bride’s carriage, he came to the county lieutenant’s apartment to find Su Wuming, and told him that the horse of the bride’s carriage was exhausted and sweaty. The two speculated that Dou Yulin had something to do with it, but when they went to the Dou mansion, they found that Dou Yulin had been hanged at home.

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