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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 20 Recap

Deng Deng took Lu Yan’s arm, indicating that he would not leave him. In order to let the paralyzed child die, Deng Deng also mentioned the dowry brought by Lu Yan before, and counted the money Qingquanzhai owed Lu Yan in front of the paralyzed child. Yu paralyzed face showed shock, but he still refused to accept Lu Yan, and even let Deng Deng choose between him and Lu Yan. Deng Deng was helpless, so he had no choice but to turn his head and wink at Lu Yan, and then said with good words that he would choose his father of course.

Saying that, Deng Deng waved his hand, wrote a letter of leave, and asked Lu Yan to press his handprint. Lu Yan was very puzzled, and caught up with Deng Deng to ask clearly. Deng Deng smiled playfully and asked Lu Yan to take a closer look at the contents of the divorce book. It turned out that what Deng Deng wrote was a hidden poem. After listening to Deng Deng’s explanation, Li Yan couldn’t help but smile.

Zhu Rong summoned the spirit worm in the windbreaker man’s body, nourished it with his own blood, and then absorbed its essence and energy. Zhu Rong put the spirit worm back into the windbreaker man’s body and asked him to clear things up. Here, Bai Shiqi’s birthday party is still going on. Director Bai is still warmly entertaining the guests present, but he does not know that danger is approaching.

The paralyzed man was really hungry, so he got up and went to the banquet hall to find something to eat. Facing this rich and delicious food, Yu Paralyzed opened his stomach to eat, and accidentally drank the poisoned wine by the man in the trench coat. With one bite, Yu paralyzed came to the room where the owner of the drugstore was imprisoned like a walking corpse, and devoured him frantically.

I saw that the paralyzed man was sloppy all over, rushing towards Director Bai like a leopard, and slammed him to the ground. Afterwards, he ate the person beside Director Bai, showing bloody fangs around his mouth, and slender fingers showing sharp nails. Everyone fled in a hurry, like birds in the forest scattered. At this moment, several people from Deng Deng arrived. Deng Deng wanted to go forward to check, but was pulled by Lu Yan. Lu Yan cast a spell and stunned Yu Paralyzed, and the situation was calmed down. But Director Bai was so angry that he ordered them to be arrested. Lu Yan motioned for A Xin to call the sedan chair to cover them from leaving here.

At night, Gu Beixi robbed the sea. Dahai drank alcohol into a woman and escaped the search, but Gu Beixi was trapped. At the critical moment, Bai Shiqi suddenly appeared and rescued Gu Beixi. Afterwards, Bai Shiqi drove them to a broken temple in the suburbs. In the ruined temple at this time, the paralyzed child finally woke up and recalled the incident with everyone. Deng Deng was very scared, and finally found his father, but he almost really left. Deng Deng secretly vowed to find the murderer as soon as possible.

With the help of Bai Shiqi, everyone found the suspicious reporter at the banquet. But when I got to the reporter’s house, I found that the building was empty and covered with cobwebs. However, several people found a secret room. The secret room is full of photos, revealing the slightest strangeness. Suddenly, something flashed out of nowhere, so frightened Deng Deng couldn’t help screaming. Seeing that the man in the trench coat was not Lu Yan’s opponent, he hurriedly fled, but in the end he let Lu Yan catch up. By this time, the police had already caught up. Lu Yan simply left them with a murderer.

The Insect King was dead, but Lu Yan couldn’t understand why the paralyzed child was still tortured by spirit insects. Auntie suddenly appeared and asked Lu Yan to take him into the city and let her say goodbye to Director Bai. Lu Yan agreed to him. Here, Yu Paralyz’s situation is getting worse, but Deng Deng is still trying his best to inject Yuan energy into him.

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