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Kunlun Tomb 昆仑神宫 Episode 2 Recap

Hu Bayi found the poet Ake, and sometimes he was worried that he would not be able to find him when he came, but Ake said that he would be here anytime. Since the last time he beat the wolf, he made a big wish to go around here. Lake, Ake cares about the big man and Gema’s situation, Hu Bayi seems a little sad, and Gema is paraplegic in a high position.

Hu Bayi hoped to know about the Devil Kingdom from Ake. Ake told Hu Bayi that the Devil Kingdom was cruel and ruthless before the extinction of the Devil Kingdom. He was eradicated by Master Wu Zhanna and Invincible Orb, and sealed the demon in the nine-story demon tower. I was also worried that Hu Bayi went to open the demon tower to wake up the sleeping demon, which would be a sin. Hu Bayi frankly went there not only because of himself, but also because his friends’ clansmen had a disease and needed to use Zong Chenzhu, but Zong Chenzhu, which he had worked so hard to find, couldn’t be used at all, Ah Only then did Ke decide to go to Kunlun Mountain with Hu Bayi. …

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