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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 35 Recap

Li Junxiao was expelled, Du Di was suspended at home, Wu Congrui was busy every day, Huang Yunling was very anxious, and asked Tian Yunshan to call Du Di back as soon as possible, but Du Yongfu was still suing Du Di, Tian Yunshan was powerless.

Du Di brought his sister Mengmeng to the hospital for vaccinations. He stopped by to see Wu Congrui and asked Li Junxiao about Li Junxiao’s recent situation. Li Junxiao never contacted her. Since Du Di was suspended, she finally wanted to understand that there are family and friendship besides work. Understanding Li Junxiao’s approach, Wu Congrui felt that Du Di had softened, and Du Di also found that Wu Congrui had matured.

The jewelry store clerk called to inform Wu Congrui that Li Junxiao’s customized engagement diamond ring had arrived. Wu Congrui immediately sent a message to Li Junxiao, but he still did not reply. Du Di settled Mengmeng and began to look for a job. Liu Nianbai persuaded her to take Mengmeng at home, but Du Di would feel uncomfortable without reading medical records and surgery for a day. Liu Nianbai promised to earn money to support her, and they would fall in love tomorrow. On the 100-day anniversary, Liu Nianbai wanted to go out to eat to celebrate, but Du Di couldn’t worry about Mengmeng, and Liu Nianbai had already arranged it.

Huang Yunling performed a caesarean section for Zhang Ying, and Wu Congrui assisted her. Zhang Ying gave birth to a boy, and she could not close her mouth happily. Liu Nianbai held 520 roses in his hands. Du Di was very happy, and he kept complaining that he was spending money. Liu Nianbai and Du Di shared dinner and watched the surgery video together.

Du Di brought Mengmeng for a medical examination, and Feng Yuanhang asked her about Wu Congrui’s current situation, and asked her to tell Wu Congrui that “he has always loved Wu Congrui”. When Du Di went out to meet Professor Lu, Professor Lu recommended her to go to the Second Maternity and Children’s Hospital, and Du Di naturally couldn’t ask for it. Guo Caiting knitted cashmere socks for Zhang Ying’s baby. Zhang Zilu suddenly came to see her son. Zhang Ying was furious when she learned that her mother had called him. Zhang Zilu called and drove her away.

Du Yongfu came to Du Di suddenly, Liu Nianbai hurriedly found an excuse to hide, Du Yongfu apologized to Du Di, admitted that he owed her too much for so many years, Du Di did not buy it at all, Du Yongfu said that his grandmother had passed away, she knew that Zhang Xiufen would not I like his hometown, and only hope that he will be buried with Zhang Xiufen after his death. Du Yongfu wept bitterly and confessed to Du Di that he had sold the house in his hometown and wanted to stay in the city to raise Mengmeng as an adult. Du Dicai Reluctantly agree.

Du Yongfu went out and saw Liu Nianbai. Liu Nianbai was happy when he learned that Du Di had agreed to return Mengmeng to him. Du Yongfu had withdrawn the prosecution against Du Di and wanted to explain the situation to the hospital. Only then did Liu Nianbai feel relieved. Come. The director of the Second Maternity and Children’s Hospital called Du Di and asked her to come to the hospital for work as soon as possible.

Guo Caiting suddenly had persistent abdominal pain. Zhang Ying accompanies her to take a walk in the corridor. Guo Caiting gradually eased, and it is convenient for Zhang Ying to go to the toilet. Zhang Zilu pretended to be a new doctor from the neonatology department. He wanted to steal the child, but Guo Caiting caught him. She rushed to block Zhang Zilu. Zhang Zilu struggled to break free and pushed Guo Caiting to the ground. Zhang Ying and the nurse came over after hearing the news. , forcibly grabbed the child, and the security took Zhang Zilu away.

Guo Caiting collapsed to the ground because of the sudden fire. Wu Congrui stopped checking the fetal heart rate, and immediately called Huang Yunling. Huang Yunling performed a caesarean section for Guo Caiting, and Zhang Ying waited anxiously on the bowl of the operating room. Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue, the child in Guo Caiting’s stomach was not saved. Guo Caiting was heartbroken, and Zhang Ying persuaded her nicely, but she couldn’t let go. Guo Caiting wanted to die, and Zhang Ying asked Guo Caiting to treat her son as her own. She promised to let the child grow up and thank Guo Caiting for her life-saving grace, and Guo Caiting burst into laughter.

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