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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 18 Recap

Deng Deng wants to investigate some of the things that my aunt has used in order to understand her daily life. Lu Yan felt that these things were about to ask the people around her. As soon as he finished speaking, several beautiful women gathered around him. Deng Deng had no choice but to go out to investigate. But as soon as he went out, he saw Bai Shiqi.

After contacting all the things before, Deng Deng immediately guessed that this Miss Bai was Gu Beixi’s daughter-in-law who had never been there. Knowing that Deng Deng was married and had no other intentions for Gu Beixi, Bai Shiqi felt relieved. The two chatted for a few words, and it was almost too late to meet each other.

Seeing that Lu Yan hadn’t come out of his aunt’s room for a long time, Deng Deng thought he missed the gentle township of Yingying Yanyan, so he was so angry that he found a sandbag to practice boxing. It happened that Lu Yan came over, and Deng Deng stepped forward to have a test with him. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan finally used a spell to tie her up with a sheet. Lu Yan took the opportunity to propose to teach Deng Deng magic, but the premise is that Deng Deng is better. Deng Deng is also a person who can bend and stretch, agreeing to Lu Yan’s conditions.

With the help of Bai Shiqi, Gu Beixi met Director Bai. As soon as they met, Gu Beixi revealed his identity in order to get close to Director Bai. Director Bai was not very angry when he learned that the robber he had been wanted for so many days was actually Gu Beixi. Instead, he blamed the Gu family for not writing for so long.

Gu Beixi proposed to see Miss Bai, but he didn’t expect that Bai Shiqi, who had gotten along so well, was actually a doll kissing bride he had never visited. Seeing Bai Shiqi again, Gu Beixi couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed, regretting what he said in front of her. Unexpectedly, Bai Shiqi didn’t care at all, and said that he, like him, wanted to spend a lifetime with the person he liked.

At night, the cat that my aunt had raised suddenly flashed out, and Lu Yan felt that something was wrong when he saw it. He tested the kitten and found that it seemed to have a living creature hidden in it, and no matter how much Yuan energy he used, there was no response. Lu Yan tried again and finally saw the phantom of his auntie. The auntie told the two that the missing people in Yingdu were actually spirit clans, and these spirit clan’s essence could be dissipated, and they could only communicate with others by controlling some animals.

A few days ago, a kind of spiritual worm that can enhance the energy suddenly appeared in the city, and the nearby spiritual tribes were rushing to hear it. At first, those spirit worms penetrated into the body of the spirit clan, which can indeed help their primordial energy multiply and revitalize, but I never imagined that these spirit clan’s bodies gradually weakened, their spiritual consciousness was blurred, their primal energy dissipated, and their bodies gradually became transparent. until death. And only a small number of Eldar have mastered the way to live in animal bodies.

Lu Yan tried it and wanted to drive away the spirit worms in Auntie Tai’s body, but this kind of spirit worms couldn’t get in, so he couldn’t do anything about it. In order to slow down the speed of the spiritual worms gnawing on spiritual consciousness, Lu Yan set up a barrier for these spiritual clans. Deng Deng heard it and wanted to learn. Lu Yan was very patient and taught her carefully.

On this day, Director Bai walked to the yard and wanted to drive all these animals out. Deng Deng had to tell him the truth, but Director Bai still didn’t believe it. The kitten where the auntie lived in suddenly let out a cry, attracting Director Bai’s attention. Director Bai took a look and felt that the cat looked like his auntie, so he took it out regardless of Dengdeng’s objection. Dengdeng was helpless, so he had to cast a spell and Director Bai to prove what he said was true. Seeing the phantom of his auntie, Director Bai ran away in fright.

Lu Yan followed the clues to the Bizarre City, but the tavern owner was dead, but he found the suspect who killed the boss. Several people came to the storage room with Lu Yan and saw a man who was tied with hands and feet and covered his face. Deng Deng just planned to teach the suspect a lesson, but he didn’t expect to open his head and found out that this man was his father. As soon as they met, the father and daughter started to pinch each other, and the paralyzed Yu refused to admit Lu Yan as his son-in-law.

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