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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 17 Recap

Before others were paying attention, Deng Deng opened the handcuffs on his hand with a silver needle. A group of policemen thought it was Deng Deng casting some magic, and quickly backed away. Seeing this, Deng Deng took out the hairpin and prayed in his heart that Lu Yan could help. When she waved her hairpin, everything on the table floated up. Director Bai was so frightened that he hurriedly hid behind his subordinates, and even used his subordinates as his own meat shields.

Deng Deng promised Director Bai that he would do his best to help him find the murderer of the disappearance case, and he would not take any credit. If he couldn’t find it, he would take full responsibility. Director Bai thought about it and decided to make this deal with Deng Deng. But he still refused to let the sea go now, only offered to give Deng Deng seven days, and invited her to live in Bai Mansion. Deng Deng heard the implication of Director Bai. On the surface, he warmly entertained himself, but in fact he wanted to watch over him. Deng Deng was also very refreshing and agreed to his invitation.

On the carriage, Deng Deng called Lu Yan’s name to the hairpin, but he really appeared in front of him. Deng Deng couldn’t help but wonder how Lu Yan helped him just now. Lu Yan told Deng Deng that she could actually learn these things herself. Deng Deng is the body of Yun Xi’s spiritual reunion, and has been nourished by Lu Yan with Yuan Dan for so many years, so her body contains Yuan energy. As long as she finds the right method, she can also use some small special effects. technique.

With that said, Lu Yan tapped Deng Deng’s hand with his fingers, and drew out her Yuan Neng. Deng Deng thought it was very miraculous, and urged Lu Yan to teach himself to use Yuan Neng as soon as possible, but he did not expect Lu Yan to ask her for compensation on this condition, and his voice disappeared as soon as he finished speaking.

When he arrived at Bai Mansion, Deng Deng went around a lot, and found that Director Bai had arranged guards up and down the mansion. Even if Deng Deng had wings, it would be difficult to fly. Deng Deng was helpless and simply lay on the bed to rest. She took out the hairpin, thanked Lu Yan, and asked him what he wanted in return. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan became a little serious and said that he wanted to see her ten times. Deng Deng was a little shy, and quickly put away the hairpin.

At night, Miss Bai brought a bowl of porridge to Director Bai and asked him around Gu Beixi. Director Bai mentioned Miss Bai’s doll, and said that he could not keep his word no matter what. Knowing that her father still recognized this marriage, Miss Bai smiled happily. Miss Bai dressed up carefully and planned to meet Gu Beixi. After finally arriving at the agreed place, Gu Beixi was standing in front of her, and out of nowhere a few people suddenly appeared and tied her into the alley.

Miss Bai wanted to scare off these people as the director’s daughter, but she didn’t expect that they were all wanted criminals. At the critical moment, Gu Beixi appeared in time and rescued Miss Bai. Unexpectedly, people from the police station suddenly chased after him, and Miss Bai insisted on escaping with Gu Beixi. After getting rid of the police’s pursuit, Miss Bai thanked Gu Beixi. Gu Beixi told Miss Bai that Deng Deng was his friend and asked her to take care of Deng Deng for him.

Miss Bai noticed that Gu Beixi had different feelings for Deng Deng, and her heart was mixed. Miss Bai couldn’t help reminding Gu Beixi that he had a fiancée. But Gu Beixi told Miss Bai that he must marry the person he likes. Miss Bai didn’t want to continue entanglement with him, so she promised to help him take care of Deng Deng.

Lu Yan extracted some of her memories from Huan Ling, and learned that Zhu Rong planned to be detrimental to Deng Deng. He first found Gu Beixi and asked him to leave the city quickly, and he would solve the problems in the city one by one. But Gu Beixi couldn’t listen to the advice, so Lu Yan had no choice but to give up.

Dengdeng investigated the houses of the missing persons on the spot, but in the end he had people bring back all the birds and beasts in the courtyard. Back in the White House, the maid told Deng Deng that her husband was here. Deng Deng was a little puzzled, could it be that big cock coming. Unexpectedly, it was Lu Yan who came. In order to drive away Lu Yan, Deng Deng did not hesitate to use the “beauty trick”. Unexpectedly, Lu Yan turned against the guest and pressed her under him. Deng Deng had no choice but to let him stay.

Lu Yan told Deng Deng that the ones she brought back were some spirit clan people who showed the attributes of a combination of species. Their Yuan energy was extremely low and could not restore the appearance of the spirit clan or human beings. Lu Yan inspected Auntie’s carriage and found that her Yuan Neng remained on it. And it’s not like it’s been attacked by an external force, it’s more like some kind of change from the inside.

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