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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 31 Recap

Five years later, Lu Anran returned to Dahan Sucheng. He learned that Sucheng had a good harvest because of the Anxin rice improved by His Royal Highness, and that Mu Chuan kept his promise to come to Sucheng every year to guide farming. Lu Anran was delighted and grateful.

Lu Anran returned to Lu Mansion. Lu Qingzhou said that Lu Anran had been busy building the port these years and missed meeting Mu Chuan. In just five years, Lu Anran expanded the original thirty-six ports of the Lu family into fifty-two ports, and now Dahan has become the country with the most developed river transportation in the world. But Lu Anran acted in the interests of the river bandits, and Mu Chuan was also worried that she would be retaliated by the river bandits, so he arranged for his subordinates to let the court army help the Lu family boatmen to resist the river bandits.

In the past five years, Mu Chuan has built the River Transportation Department and used the power of the imperial court to help the Lu family remove obstacles, and Lu Anran has also placed the imperial granary on each Lujia port. The two clearly have each other in their hearts, but they have never faced each other. But Mu Chuan was very satisfied to see Lu Anran traveled thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, and to appreciate the scenery of various places for him.

Shen Changqing’s wedding is imminent, but he is worried about how to arrange the guest seats for Lu Anran and Mu Chuan. The past between them is too sad, and Dongqing decides to join forces with Shen Changqing to push the two lovers to face each other. Mu Chuan received Shen Changqing’s wedding invitation and looked forward to meeting Lu Anran. Lu Anran returned to the Hanjing Lu Mansion, watching the vines in the courtyard covered with his favorite green grapes, watching Mu Chuan taking care of the vines, hearing that Mu Chuan missed him and rejected the marriage arranged by the queen for him. , and even willing to resist the decree to confer marriage. Lu Anran thanked Mu Chuan for his perseverance, giving him the only joy in the world.

Lu Anran came to Mu Ze’s tomb to pay homage. Mu Chuan came a step late and saw the bouquet and guessed that Lu Anran had been here. On the day of Shen Changqing’s wedding, the mansion was decorated with lanterns to celebrate her wedding. Lu Anran also came to Shen Changqing’s mansion to congratulate her and continued sisterhood with Dongqing.

Mu Chuan also came to Shen’s house and was helping Shen Changqing to organize the wedding dress. Shen Changqing persuaded Mu Chuan to seize today’s opportunity, hoping that he could renew his relationship with Lu Anran. Shanyue came to report that Lu Anran was kidnapped by the river bandits in the Shen residence. Mu Chuan and Shen Changqing came to support him, but Mu Chuan was captured by the river bandits instead, so he met Lu Anran. The two did not know that the so-called river bandit was Shen Changqing and Dongqing’s plan, which was to allow the two to let go of their past and continue their relationship.

It took Lu Anran 5 years to realize that she would have regrets in any choice she made. Now she has no regrets. Seeing that Mu Chuan has maintained the juvenile demeanor that he had met for the first time for five years, now even as the prince who has a lot of opportunities, he is willing to accompany him to watch the rain in the forest. Lu Anran is very content, and she does not want to miss it again. Mu Chuan, I only wish that the two of them would spend the rest of their lives together and live up to their fleeting years.

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