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Kunlun Tomb 昆仑神宫 Episode 1 Recap

Where did Zong Chenzhu come from, and what secrets it hides need to be investigated clearly. Hu Bayi got out from the ground and called Gemma, but there was no response. He had to run all the way in a small alley by himself, and finally When he came to the exit, he watched Ake and Gemma fight against the wolves, but no matter how loud he shouted, the other party seemed to be unable to hear or see at all. When Hu Bayi was in a hurry, a wolf suddenly appeared behind him, frightening Hu Bayi to wake up from his dream. But there was a scar on his arm, with golden blood flowing out.

At this time, Fatty Wang came over with a salute. Hu Bayi kept washing the blood on his arms, but the more he washed, the more he turned around and called Fatty Wang. Fatty Wang turned around with a knife stuck in his chest, and suddenly died. In front of Hu Bayi, Hu Bayi woke up again frightened. It was another dream. Looking at Fatty Wang in the seat next to him, Hu Bayi let out a long sigh of relief.

Ms. Yang tested Zong Chenzhu at Professor Sun, and found that Zong Chenzhu is composed of some special elements, and there is a layer of super energy brewing in the core, but it cannot be stimulated. If it is forced to stimulate, it may lead to devastating results. , as if the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed, it may cause an explosion.

Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang, and Lord Jin have been buying ginger, but the ginger was bought by Lei Xianming, Adong’s boss, and he specially invited Hu Bayi to their store. In the store, Hu Bayi saw a lot of antiques, and also It can be seen that Lei Xian obviously should be doing the same business as him. Lei Xianming expressed the hope that he could go to Kunlun together. He knew that the Kunlun Mountains were cold for thousands of years. If he wanted to go up, he would need to buy ginger. As long as ginger was smeared on the blade of the knife, dealing with the ice layer was like cutting tofu.

Lei Xianming also specially entertained Hu Bayi and others, and claimed that his father was buried in the nine-story demon tower in Kunlun Mountain, and his mother’s wish was that the husband and wife would be buried together, so she wanted to go there. Lei Xianming also deliberately showed some of his own treasures, promising that as long as Hu Bayi took him to Kunlun, these treasures would belong to Hu Bayi. In addition, he also sponsored funds. Fatty Wang thought it was good, but he was rejected by Hu Bayi. Eighty’s refusal. It was not until Lei Xianming took out the treasure map of the Devil’s Tomb that Hu Bayi changed his mind. Ask Fatty Wang and Lord Jin to inform Lei Xianming.

Hu Bayi arranged for Miss Yang, Fatty Wang, and Jin Ya to prepare the materials for departure. After ten days, they went to Kunlun together. They must travel lightly, while he was going to find a poet who was taught by heaven. They didn’t know more clearly than they knew. Hu Bayi wanted to inquire about relevant clues through the Tianshou singer. In Fairy Lake, there is a Tianshou poet known by Hu Bayi. Tianshou singers are people who can understand the history and classics of the Western Regions. This kind of person does not pass on from master to disciple, from father to son, but suddenly suffers from a serious illness. Poetry from the Western Regions, such a person can be called a heaven-sent poet.

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